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Amazon Offer of the Day: Up to 53% off kitchen utensils and accessories not to be missed

Amazon Presentation of the Day is an everyday fun sale event where selected products are sold on Amazon at discounted prices. One should always be aware of the cute products on offer from the day list to make the most out of this daily sale event and grab everything you want at almost half the price! Here we bring you 7 kitchen utensils and utensils from the Amazon presentation of the day list that will be of great use in your kitchen. So browse through and start shopping!

Amazon Kitchen of the Day 7 Kitchen Utensils and Utensils

These products are selected from the transaction list based on the quality, rating and discounts offered.

1. Solimo stainless steel bottle

A bottle can help you make your life easier. This sleek, stylish bottle keeps water or drinks warm for up to 24 hours or cold for up to 24 hours as required. It has a swivel cover with a leak-proof shell that serves as a cup and also has double-walled insulation. It is rust free and condensation resistant.


Price: Rs 1350

Deal: Rs 729

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2. Knife set with high-carbon blades

The right knife set can only make your kitchen work faster and effortlessly. This set features high quality knives that come with superior high-carbon stainless steel blades with razor-sharp edges that help promote reliable cutting accuracy and precision results. Each knife in the set is equipped with an ergonomically designed, triple riveted plastic deformed handle for a secure, comfortable grip and improved control.


Price: R3245

Deal: Rs 1899

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3. Containers with sliding mouth

To make your kitchen space look more organized and varied, grab these transparent containers in which you can store all your kitchen necessities. It is designed with a sliding mechanism that helps with smooth movement of the lid, where you can quickly open and close the lid, even with one hand. These boxes are durable and safe for daily use to store a wide variety of food items in the kitchen.


Price: R850

Deal: Rs 649

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4. Non-Stick Tawa

No Indian house is complete without a non-stick Tawa in their kitchen! We’m sure you already have one, but do not think it’s time to upgrade? Especially if you can get the product at a reduced price from the Amazon deal of the day? It comes in a sleek design and the cool touch bakelite handle provides a comfortable and firm grip.


Price: R800

Deal: Rs 529

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5. 750 Watt Menger Grinder

Here is a durable mixing mill with three sturdy bottles for dry and wet grinding and an additional juicer bottle. Keep yourself hydrated and healthy this summer by drinking lots of homemade juices and smoothies every day. This is the best way to beat the heatwave! This mixing mill set is perfect for leak-proof grinding and mixing experience for years of use.


Price: R6000

Deal: Rs 2799

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6. Induction hob

This induction hob meets international quality standards for safety and performance. It comes with a 1.35 meter long cable for extra convenience to use and clean and has a low sound output of 65 decibels. It features eight predefined options to handle the versatile Indian cooking styles to heat milk, curries, Idlis, chapatis and dosas along with options for sautéing, deep frying and pressure cooking.


Price: Rs 3000

Deal: Rs 1499

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7. Air Fryer

Modern life issues need modern solutions and an air fryer is such a smart solution you need in your kitchen and in life! Covered with aluminum for efficient heating, it also comes with a thermostat to automatically switch off the fryer within an hour to prevent overheating. It is equipped with indicators to indicate that cooking has started and has reached the target temperatures. It is indeed a must-have kitchen appliance in your home!


Price: R7500

Deal: Rs 3799

Buy now

Don’t you think your kitchen needs an upgrade too? So why wait? Grab all these kitchen utensils and utensils before the Amazon deal of the day ends. You can make it yours at the quoted rates only for today! So, do not waste time thinking. These useful products will surely make your kitchen smarter and make life easier!

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