7 tips and tricks for starting the fashion police squad

Fashion Police Squad is a first-person arena shooter reminiscent of classics like the early Doom and Wolfenstein series, but instead of spraying demons and blasting Nazis with plasma cannons and shotguns, you fix fashion faux pas with an arsenal of clothing adjustment weapons. .

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Although the game looks like part of the nascent Boomer Shooter genre, a revival of 90s-era FPS games, it actually has a lot in common with a much more recent title, Doom Eternal with its emphasis on staying on the move and using the right tools for the right enemies. The game has many secrets and features that can make you relax in your mission to kill those fashion crimes, so here are some things you should know before you start Fashion Police Squad.


7 There are many platforms

Although the game is primarily a shooter, there is a significant amount of first-person platforming in the game, especially if you intend to find all the Mocktails and Swag hidden for some health and armor, and the funny secret posters hidden in some street corners.

Platforming is mostly made up of short cutscenes, but there are a good amount of them, and for the most part, they’re a nice change of pace from all the fabulous fashion shoots you have to do. However, the movement is a little slippery for some of the precise jumps you have to make and sometimes takes some effort.

A bigger issue is the platforming sections that use the Justice Belt, which when it works, is definitely a joy ride, but spotty detection when it comes to grappling points means those sections can be quite irritating.

6 Switching weapons is important

In many shooters, there are often a bunch of weapons at your disposal, but more often than not, you’ll end up with a favorite that you’ll use in most situations. Granted, there will be times when you’ll be using more specialized weapons—like a sniper rifle for long-range engagements—but chances are, outside of those times, you’ll have a reliable old one.

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However, this is not possible in Fashion Police Squad, where you will face all kinds of fashion crimes that can only be sorted in a few specific ways. Flimsy suits? Hit them with a splash of color from your 2DYE-4 Elite Carbine. Inappropriate clothing? Sew them into place with your Tailormade sewing machine. Later, you’ll fight mixed mobs and have to switch weapons on the fly to deal with each target if you don’t want to get KO’d.

5 Give priority to your enemies

In addition to making sure you use 100 percent of your arsenal throughout the game, the variety of enemies, each with a unique attack style, means you’re dodging all kinds of damage coming your way and needing to switch weapons with any different type of target.

Some of the enemies may be more annoying or dangerous than others, and it’s up to you to figure out in which order to tackle them. In general, you may want to tackle enemies that obscure you first, like Tourists or Karens, followed by area-Attack enemies like Flamers or Loose Suits.

4 Always be on the move

This is not a game where you have to stand your ground, at least when there are trendy crimes to fight. You must always be on the move when in combat, as stopping to aim will quickly get you kicked from the suitcase, pepper sprayed, punched, etc.

The aim of most weapons is quite generous, especially at the closer engagement ranges the game puts you at, so it’s not like you have to be super accurate.

3 Exploration is important

Although it’s mostly optional, you’ll want to get off the beaten path when exploring the city of Trendopolis. Not only can you gain extra health and armor this way, but you can also encounter extra enemies, which you’ll need to defeat at 100 percent of the level.

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Of course, even if you didn’t get all that stuff, it would be worth checking out just for the secret posters, as they’re all pretty funny, and almost all of them are a fun little nod to video game history, fashion, or both. .

2 Don’t be scared

Some of the fights in Fashion Police Squad can get pretty frenetic, sometimes emptying out by trapping you in a small area full of some of the nastiest enemies. With all the decisions you have to make, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, especially on higher difficulties.

A good way to deal with this is to focus on staying alive first and foremost. Try to find a way to walk that will give you some breathing room instead of blasting out right away, like a place where the enemy density isn’t that high, or better yet, look for collision points so you can take to the sky and get an optimal view of the safest areas. Then proceed to take out your enemies, preferably focusing on those that can be taken out with the same weapon. If you keep a cool head, you can get out of any fashion emergency.

1 Know when to slap

The most powerful move in the Fashion Police Squad’s arsenal is the Fab Slap, a move that temporarily stuns opponents and makes you invincible, as well as allowing you to traverse the map and one-shot your enemies. It’s so powerful that you can only use it when you fill a gauge by defeating fashion crimes by other means.

Since it’s a limited resource, you’ll naturally want to conserve it, which is a good instinct. Many times, the story will ask you to set the Fab Slap, but not always. Sometimes, you can end up with a full meter at the end of the level without ever using it at all.

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