8 bosses shared their thoughts.

When it comes to job interviews, we scrutinize every detail available – resumes, cover letters, and of course, most importantly, what to say during the hiring process.

Not to mention, we go out of our way to ask the right questions, so we can impress the future employer.

But you know what? not at all To speak up in a job interview?

Because according to some of the many business executives and managers we spoke to, there are a few key things that are clear. According to research, three of the key reasons behind job rejection are:

1. Lack of relevant professional experience.

2. Candidates not showing enough knowledge about the company they are interviewing for.

3. Candidates who are not aware of social media platforms will be carefully monitored by the company they are interviewing with.

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With this in mind, we asked some bosses and business owners in Australia to share what their biggest turn-off is during a job interview.

Here’s what they say.

Elle Ferguson, founder of ELEFECT

She told Elle Mom That research is key – and knowing how to pronounce the name of the company you’re interviewing for!

“The biggest turn off for me as a boss is when people don’t do their research. You have to know the brand. Google is your best friend. Watch the brand videos to get the name right (yes, believe me. I’ve never had people say the brand correctly in interviews). Major events in the business and Take note of what you love about the business. It’s a huge turn off when people sit down for an interview and don’t know anything about the brand. Asking myself, ‘Why are you here?’ Think about it.

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