A beekeeping business featured on Tik Tok

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For Erica Thompson, owner and operator of Texas Bee Works, starting her business was a passion project.

“I knew that keeping bees was something I wanted to devote all my time and energy to, but I didn’t know exactly how to do it,” she says. So Thompson began saying yes to bee-related questions, from beekeeping to beekeeping lessons.

In the year When I joined TikTok in 2020, I was happily doing beekeeping, and everything changed for me. Thompson posted a bee removal video that went viral and her business took off.

As a beekeeper, Thompson had to contend with rising costs, such as “beekeeping equipment, beehive boxes,” as well as transportation costs. Inflation and the big economy have taken a toll on her, but she continues to work as a bee educator. “I don’t think people realize how important bees are not only to our food system, but also to our ecosystem.

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