A Colorado Springs man who runs a fence business is wanted by authorities, has a history of theft and charges.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – For months, KKTV 11 has been hearing from people who tried to do business with a Colorado Springs man named Gary Gardner and had a horrible experience.

Some people we spoke with say Gardner, the owner of Spartan Fence Company, hired them for work, paid them, and then forced them.

KKTV 11 News began investigating Gardner in July and learned he has felony charges of theft and endangering persons, a class 4 felony. When Xena confronted Gardner at his home on July 11, he said he planned to pay everyone back. He also said that he was suffering from two tumors in his brain. When 11 News asked for any medical documentation proving he was being treated for the tumors, Gardner did not provide any.

11 The detective created a time frame for a case in Gardner’s papers, which were obtained by News. The affidavit states that the victim signed a contract for work on a new fence beginning on February 21, 2022, and ending on February 22, 2022. March 2. On March 2, Gardner sent a text saying he had knee surgery. On March 21, the victim sent an instant message saying she wanted her deposit back, about $4,300. On April 22, the victim received the check but left.

On April 27, the victim received a letter from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department stating that they attempted to serve a summons on the suspect on April 15, but the deputy was told by the suspect that the case had settled out of court. The person serving the suspect never checked with the victim.

As of Tuesday night, Gardner has missed several court dates and has an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Gardner was arrested in 2011. In 2006, he was found guilty of robbery against a vulnerable adult. Gardner and the company have been sued at least 11 times since 2019, according to the affidavit.

11 News also reported that Gardner He was found guilty of theft in May 2021 in Douglas County.

Every time people try to file a police report against Gardner and his business, 11 News says, they’re told it’s a civil case.

Gardner was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday but did not show.

Gardner never returned a phone call from KKTV 11 News. He has stopped contacting us by email and despite visiting his home several times since July, he is not responding to our requests for more information about why he is skipping court. His next court date is Oct. 6.

If you feel you have been a victim of Gardner and are willing to speak about your experience on camera, please email news@kktv.com.

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