A new fashion

There is no point in having a different opinion. It’s not about trying to do things differently, because the number of cases – still negligible – though worrying – is. Nor is there any question of blaming “four madmen”, “four beasts” or “four scoundrels”. And, of course, it’s not always a matter of denying everything we don’t see directly.

And it’s that there’s a new reality that terrifies women across the spectrum of nightlife: piercings that leave you ‘KO’ and that, without Lynx, we can understand their end. However, as always, there seem to be naysayers of all things matchy-matchy – who coincidentally always lurk on the same side – having the sanctimonious audacity to question this kind of practice.

As they say, it started in France and continued through Belgium and the United Kingdom to come to our country these days. A European import for which, by the way, those who make it do not cry in front of other types of arrival in Spain. However, there appears to be no subsequent abuse or rape and nothing is found in the blood, which makes the perfect argument for those who may have such things but are determined to die. Believe the risk of the coronavirus vaccine.

Denying the same old problems and continuing to turn a blind eye: masculinity, abuse, rape and, in short, every young woman’s fear of going to a party. It seems that it is not enough to go alone, dress up, control the drink or pay attention to “something that is not” the man on duty; Now they also need to be aware if they have been pierced in order to act as soon as possible.

And, worst of all, it seems that both the writer and the reader will leave this world without knowing the new ‘fashion’ that destroys women.

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