A riot broke out at the world’s largest iPhone factory.

Another newly recruited worker told the BBC he visited the protest on Wednesday and saw “a man lying on the ground with blood on his head”.

“I don’t know the exact reason why people are protesting, but they are mixing us, the new workers, with the old workers. [Covid] Positive,” he told the BBC. Foxconn, a Taiwanese company, is Apple’s main subcontractor, and its Xingzhou factory assembles more iPhones than anywhere else in the world. In late October, many workers fled the plant amid allegations of covid issues and poor treatment of workers.

Image credits: Amar Riaz

About Apple

Apple is one of the most popular information technology companies in the world. Led by Tim Cook, the company is doing well and getting the love it needs from her and from me. Apple has been in the news lately. First, because of the mixed reviews of the iPhone 14. Second, the company laid off thousands of employees to deal with the economic downturn and cut losses. That is the story of every technology giant at this time because every company is trying to stabilize itself. Apple is known for its products and beautiful designs. Even though the iPhone 14 didn’t do well, people are crazy about iPhones and people are crazy about not having them. That’s the impact Apple has had on the world.

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