Al Mera Consumer Goods Company Taps Zipp’s Checkout-Free Technology – Retail Technology Innovation Center

Al Mera, a consumer goods company, has announced a partnership with check-free technology company Zipin.

The Qatar-based company said it will soon open fully autonomous stores in strategic locations powered by Zippin iTech; Snacks, drinks, grab-and-go meals and other essentials for visitors in a “seamless and cashless” process.

An Almera spokesperson said: “We are excited to introduce these new check-free shops to make shopping more convenient and enjoyable for our customers.

“This move is part of our expansion plans to ensure our services are always accessible to all consumers.”

“Furthermore, according to Qatar’s National Vision 2030, it is in line with the country’s strategy to introduce cashless payment solutions using modern technology solutions and bring about digital transformation to facilitate economic growth.”

He added, “These stores allow our customers to quickly grab drinks and snacks and complete their transactions seamlessly. We continuously strive to keep pace with the evolving needs of our customers in an age of digital dominance.

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