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TechCrunch Early Stage is a place for founders who are just starting out. On April 20th, we are excited to bring our show to Boston, Massachusetts. Bringing together experts from the Northeast and Silicon Valley, we’ll outline a myriad of startup core competencies—from fundraising to operations to marketing—and step-by-step guides on how to set up and grow your business.

If you’re sitting at your desk wondering how to start a company, we’ve got you covered. Worried about how to raise money in this economic climate? We have a session (or more) for you.

The format is unique to most TC events, in that our speakers give presentations on their topics (all attendees receive transcripts and visual assets from those sessions) and then devote most of their time to audience questions and answers. We’ll have dozens of roundtables focused on fundraising, operations, and more to address some of the biggest challenges early-stage founders and investors face in early-stage startups today.

It’s going to be an incredible event, and we’re excited to share the first part of the agenda with you.

How to raise SV in a down market

Mark Crane (General Catalyst)

  • Silicon Valley’s funding market tends to be more immune to macroeconomic conditions than anywhere else in the world. So how do you grow outside of the valley bubble? General Catalyst’s Mark Crane has extensive founder and VC experience from across Europe, as well as a firm understanding of the funding landscape in the Northeast US, providing practical advice on how to survive and thrive.

How to raise a series A in your head

Josh Coyne (Kleiner Perkins)

  • A Series A round is a big milestone in a startup’s life, and can be one of the most challenging to put together when the overall economic conditions are not favorable. Josh Coyne of Kleiner Perkins knows how to land a big round with investments in Figma, Yupaz and Rippling, and shares tips on how to make it happen.

How to turn your startup into a social star

Rashad Asir and Josh Machiz (Red Dot)

  • From building your audience to creating viral content that propels your business forward, Redpoint’s Josh Machiz and Rashad Asir tell you how to leverage the multiplier effect of a true online community. Rashad has experience building his own following, as well as Redpoint’s own TikTok presence, while Josh has helped Redpoint’s portfolio companies grow their founders and company brands.

How to achieve product-market fit

David Tucker (Greylock)

  • Everyone in startup land wants one thing: product-market fit. Greylock’s David Tucker has experience building and scaling some of the world’s most popular products at Google and LinkedIn. David’s experience in low-end construction makes him the perfect person to help you find product market fit right now when you need it most.

How to tell your TAM

Dayna Grayson (Capital Building)

  • Dayna Grayson of Construct Capital has invested in a variety of fields, including automation and manufacturing. She now focuses on consumer brands, giving her extensive experience to understand exactly how founders should discuss TAM with investors.

How to validate your startup idea

James Currier (NFX)

  • Good startup ideas have patterns, and 90% of the ideas NFX’s James Currier sees at the pre-seed/seed stage don’t lead to big exits. From his experience as a VC, as well as being a five-time founder, he can explain how he recognizes platform shifts and capitalizes when something new is possible. TAM how to identify small but growing fast markets; How to risk your idea; And much more.

How to turn research into business

Pe Wu (SOSV)

  • Many startups have been in the lab, but how exactly do they make the jump from research project to commercialization? SOSV General Partner and IndieBio CTO Pae Wu thanks to her experience managing the company’s portfolio, as well as her multiple roles overseeing high-tech R&D and lunar capture development projects.

North East Seed Market Province

Kurti Levy (Texstars)

  • As Managing Director of Techstars Boston and Iowa, Kerty Levy has a unique vantage point when it comes to the Northeast’s entrepreneurship and startup funding landscape. She looks at how the startup landscape stands, how continued economic uncertainty is changing the landscape, and how you can prepare.

Pitch practice

Ginny Miller (1Sharp Ventures) and Heather Widman (Building Ventures)

  • So you think you can zoom in? Founders selected to participate in this session will have five minutes to entertain a panel of judges, including leading VCs.

TechCrunch first step Sessions give attendees plenty of time to engage, ask questions, and go deeper, working on understanding the topics and skills necessary for startup success. Buy an early bird ticket Now and save $200.

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