As 2023 begins, Lucid Motors will begin deliveries of the Lucid Air Cleaner

Lucid Motors 2022 ends with Lucid Air Clean first deliveries. So expectedly, deliveries are expected to resume when 2023 begins. Images shared by the automaker. Images shared by the company show the first deliveries of the most affordable Air sedan variant at Lucid’s Millbrae, CA studio.

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Videos and photos of the event showed a number of air cleaner units being handed over to their owners, a huge achievement on Lucid’s part. The Lucid Air has been well received by both owners and reviewers, with the vehicle even being compared to the Tesla Model S due to its luxurious interior and superior range. However, the Lucid Air variants were very expensive, especially the original Dream Editions.

Starting at $87,400 for the single-engine variant, the Lucid Air Pure is expected to be a major breakthrough for the company, much like the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which effectively brought premium EVs into the mainstream car market. While the Lucid Air Pur is by no means an affordable car, it offers a lot for the price, especially considering the costs of its stablemates.

Lucid air cleaner

Lucid’s senior director of design and branding, Derek Jenkins, pointed out that clean air is something the company is proud of, as the vehicle is considered the “hero” of the airline. “All the progress of high-end cars has been transferred to this car with a better entry price, but still with amazing specifications,” said Jenkins, adding that “this is the reason why it is considered the hero of the team.”

For the price, Lucid Air Pur customers can expect a premium electric car with a metal roof and cloth interior. Jenkins points out that some Lucid employees prefer Air Purity over its more expensive counterparts, even though it slightly reduces the sense of space inside the cabinet. “The feedback was overwhelming,” Jenkins said.

The Lucid Air Pure presents a big challenge for the EV maker, especially since the company is still producing high-end cars at a price. The company launched the limited edition Lucid Air Dream last year starting at $170,500, followed by the Lucid Air Grand Touring with a starting price of $155,650. In the Lucid Air Pure, the vehicle has an interior fabric made from recycled materials.

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