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China’s first advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) for urban driving was launched in an electric automobile Xpeng.

Confirmed that it is a company made in Guangzhou City Navigation Guided Pilot (City NGP) ADAS is now piloted in the hometown. P5 electric sedan (Mainly from Tesla Model 3). It is provided through an update on the air.

The move puts Xpeng one step ahead of Tesla in China. Although the American company is the same Full self-driving Tech is being sold there, some features like Autosteer are not available. According to Xpeng, the introduction of the Urban NGP will make it the first Chinese automobile to cater for “complex urban driving conditions”.

When City NGP is activated with a set destination, the P5 can cruise at a safe distance from vehicles in front, change lanes, handle merging or diverging lanes, swerve around stationary vehicles or obstacles, and maintain appropriate speed.

It can also automatically detect and respond to traffic lights, inform drivers of lane change decisions, turn left or right, navigate intersections, roundabouts, viaducts and tunnels, and avoid obstacles such as construction vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.

Urban NGP works with a variety of sensors including cameras, lidar units and millimeter wave radar to provide 360-degree awareness.

There is an enhanced Surrounding Reality (SR) display on both the digital dashboard and central panel, which displays the vehicle’s surroundings in real-time in visual and 3D, along with a high-resolution map.

A seven-day “break-in” period and 62 miles of driving is required before the features can be used on all roads to ensure owners’ familiarity with city NGP safety procedures.

Although initially only available in Guangzhou and P5, the company intends to roll out the tech in other cities once regulatory approval is obtained. To achieve this, Xpeng works with the relevant local authorities.

It will also be presented on the new company flag G9 SUVIt will be officially launched in China at the end of September.

“Following the release of CT NGP, Xpeng is leading a strategic roadmap to complete our ADAS coverage from highways and parking lots to the most complex urban driving situations, providing our customers with enhanced safety and an optimized driving experience,” said He Xiaopeng, Chairman of Xpeng. and CEO. “We believe that City NGP’s continued growth and expansion of coverage will accelerate the transformation of our customers’ driving experience.”

Hai Xiaopeng described NGP as “better than Tesla’s FSD” and said the company has earned a reputation in China as a technology supporter.

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