Big Tech is listening and monitoring your audio recordings. How to stop!

Everything you type, say, search, and buy is being tracked in one way or another. Big Tech gives us great products to use, and the price is our privacy.

Even your TV habits are packaged and sold to advertisers. Here’s how to stop your TV from spying on you.

Some shaming is more invasive. Worried that someone is spying on your phone? Check out this list of red flags.

You can fight back and buy a microphone block for around $10. Slide into your headphone port to stop recording. For the cheapest DIY option, buy in bulk A cheap pair of headphones You can find them and grab them.

Here’s how to limit what you submit to Big Tech.


Whenever I write that your Echo device is always listening, Amazon has assured me that it is only listening for the “wake word”. I don’t see the difference here. Either way, if you have an Echo, there’s little point in keeping the microphone around if you turn it off.

The real issue is that Amazon employees listen to your recordings. Here’s how to stop:

  • open Alexa app On your phone, then tap More Menu button.
  • Choose settings > Alexa privacy.
  • Choose Manage your Alexa data.
  • Turn around It’s gone Next to “Help improve Alexa” and “Use messages to improve transcripts” are the toggles.

In some cases, you can turn off the Echo Mic for added privacy. Press the microphone on/off button on the top of the device. Whenever this button is red, the microphone will be muted. To reactivate it, press the button again and it will turn blue.

Oh, come on, Alexa. Read our list of the most annoying eco issues solved.

A mother tweeted this week that her 10-year-old daughter’s Amazon Echo was recommending a dangerous “exit test.”

Your mobile phone

Do you trust Siri to do things for you? You may not know how much goes back to Apple’s servers.

Since you can’t really pick and choose what’s sent and what’s stored, your best bet is to turn Siri off if you’re uncomfortable with your Apple recordings.

  • open settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap . Siri and search.
  • Turn on the green switch next to “Hey Siri”. It’s gone position.
  • You can also rotate It’s gone “Allow Siri when locked” to prevent Siri from activating when a button is pressed in your pocket.

Why the green and orange dot on your phone shows that someone is listening and watching

Use Android? Here’s how to turn off the “OK Google” trigger phrase:

  • open Google app on your phone.
  • Tap your Profile picture In the upper right corner.
  • Choose settings > Google Assistant > General.
  • Swipe the switch next to Google Assistant to the left to toggle it. It’s gone

Your apps may be listening too. Go here for steps to see which apps and apps hang and how to stop them.

Women are looking at her iPhone.

Women are looking at her iPhone.
(Cyber ​​Guy)

Your computer

Worried about someone spying on you through your webcam? It’s easy. Grab one of these cheap covers Or put a Post-It on the lens if you don’t use it much.

Unfortunately, you have to unplug your computer to turn off the microphone.

For PCs running Windows 10:

  • Right click on Start button And open it Item management.
  • In the Device Manager window, expand the Audio Inputs and Outputs section and you’ll see your microphone listed as one of the interfaces.
  • Right click Microphone And choose Disable.

IPHONE HACK allows you to send secret texts to friends

On a Mac:

  • Click on Apple menu > System Preferences…
  • Choose Voice > Then Entry Tab.
  • Drag the input volume slider to the left so that it can’t pick up any sound.

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Man on the computer

Man on the computer

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