Bollywood-style wedding procession shuts down broadway in New York | Viral video

It’s no secret that Indian weddings are grand affairs with hundreds of guests coming together to celebrate the union of a new couple. Bright clothes, scrumptious food and non-stop Bollywood music with thumping beats of dhols, that’s a desi wedding for us. And it seems that New York also got a glimpse of a big fat Indian wedding last month. 

It so happened that Suraj Patel, the former Candidate for US Congress, shared a clip of his brother’s wedding in September, which shows a wedding procession blocking Broadway street and causing a temporary shutdown. “We shut down broadway for my brother’s wedding!” the text in the clip read. 

Decked in ethnic attires, people can be seen grooving to Hindi songs in the viral video. You can also see the groom riding a horse in the clip, followed by guests shaking their legs to the beats of the dhol. 

“My heart is so full, for my family to have all been here for such an incredible occasion for my brother’s wedding, so much love and energy on the streets of NYC,” Patel wrote in an Instagram post.

The viral clip has received mixed reactions from netizens and has got the internet divided. It has accumulated more than 900,000 views and over 20,000 likes, just on Instagram.

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Indian-origin-based attorney Suraj Patel, who is also a member of the Democratic Party, has worked for former US President Barack Obama in the past. 


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