Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot and its amazing new abilities

Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot Atlas shows off some impressive new skills in a new video released by the Massachusetts-based company.

According to the company, the new movements are inspired by industrial and construction-related tasks and demonstrate the ability to move objects of different sizes and weights.

Boston Dynamics sued Ghost Robotics for copying its robot dog. Robotics startup Miko has acquired AI firm Square Off Robotics startup Miko has acquired AI firm Square Off. The humanoid robot also performed an inverted 540-degree multi-axis flip in the video.

With the ability to independently pick up and drop anything it touches, Atlas is closer to people than ever before.

“At first glance, the routine seems a little different from previous videos, a little flashier and more practical. But the new moves represent a natural progression of ongoing research,” said Ben Stephenson, Atlas curator.

Stephens added that they are still “a long way” from two-pedal robots that can safely work alongside humans. “Deception is a broad category, and we still have a lot of work to do,” he said. “But this gives an indication of where the field is going. This is the future of robotics.”

“Atlas’ advanced control system and state-of-the-art hardware give the robot the power and balance to demonstrate human-level agility,” Boston Dynamics said on its website.

Furthermore, if a robot can develop the same range of motion and flexibility as an average adult, the scope of application will be practically limitless, it has already been explained.

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