Business as usual will go into the 2022 season

Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs is hitting the road with 29 as he prepares for his ninth season in the NFL. In the year He has 20 interceptions in 38 games for Seattle since joining the Seahawks in a 2019 trade with the Detroit Lions. Despite back-to-back Pro Bowl nods, Diggs wants more — for himself and the team heading into 2022.

In January, Diggs went down with a broken right fibula and sprained his ankle in Week 18 against the Arizona Cardinals. The injury ended Diggs’ season with minutes left in regulation. In March, Seattle re-signed Diggs to a three-year deal, showing great faith in their star safety, who is coming off five consecutive shutout seasons. During the 2nd training camp, Diggs took some time on the stage to give an update on himself and what he saw on the field.

Throughout the preseason, Diggs’ recovery has become a hot topic.

“I’m right,” he said. “I’m where God wants me to be and it’s important for me to get out here and be here as much as I can with my teammates, so for me it’s just one day at a time. I’m just being blessed and living in the moment. I’ve got a really nice family and it’s great to get out here and be with the guys.” And I’ve had the good fortune to be with my coaches.

Despite the new contract, Diggs still maintains the hunger and humility that led to his success.

“You can always feel calm, but you can never feel comfortable,” he said. “So for me I’m happy to be here for another three years and at the end of the day you know I still have a job and I still have things to prove, so for me you can’t think you’re settled in one place. And think everything’s fine because at the end of the day it’s business.”

The former Detroit Lions captain is known as a “do it all” player for the Seahawks defense, and the numbers show. For the 2021 season, Diggs had a career-high 94 combined tackles, 5 interceptions and 7 passes defensed.

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