Carnival Sets Curfew For Kids Under 18 — But There’s One Exception

Carnival Cruise Line has updated its policies for minors traveling aboard its ships, including a curfew for passengers 17 and younger.

The policy requires guests 17 and younger who are not accompanied by an adult at least 21 years old to be clear of public areas by 1 a.m. each night. The only exceptions are for those who are involved in Club 02 or Circle C, programs that allow their children to take part in supervised activities while their parents or guardians get some alone time. “Everyone has a better time when children are supervised, and this guideline is consistent with our commitment to safety,” a Carnival spokesperson told Travel+Leisure.

Updated Rules

It’s all part of updated rules regarding travel on Carnival Cruise Lines, which mandates passengers traveling on their own be at least 21 years old. Guests who try to get around the policy will be denied entry onto the ship without any compensation.

There are exceptions to the policy, however. Legally married couples under the age of 21 can travel, as can qualified military personnel ages 18 to 20. Proof of marriage or military service is required to get around the rule. Carnival also requires anyone under the age of 21 to travel with a relative or guardian who is at least 25 years old.

Rules For Rooms

Accommodations for minors are all addressed in the updated company policy.

  • Guests must be 12 and older to stay in Havana staterooms and suites.
  • Guests 12 and younger can stay in a separate room from their guardians, but it must be directly across the hall or next door.
  • Guests 13 to 17 can be separated by no more than three staterooms.
  • Guests 18 to 20 have no restrictions on the location of their rooms.

Carnival also requires at least one chaperone or guardian for every eight minors.

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