Circular fashion starts at the beginning: A case study of eyewear

Date/Time: October 18, 2022 (12-1pm ET / 9-10pm PT)

From our clothes and glasses to the water bottles and bags we carry, the choices we make about how we present ourselves to the world say a lot about who we are and what we value. And according to recent research from the Shelton Group, one-third of Americans want to be seen as someone who buys green products. What makes fashion green has everything to do with what it’s made of. While much of the focus on making fashion more sustainable is on end-of-life impacts (148 metric tons of waste per year by 2030), we also need to “green” inputs, using sustainable materials to minimize catastrophic impacts. of unsustainable agriculture, logging and logging and pollution of waterways. These inputs must also be sustainable to ensure the longevity of the final products. Glasses cross the lines between fashion and functionality, making materials very critical. Join circular materials innovator Eastman and two leading eyewear companies as they discuss their journey to turn entire wallets into sustainable materials.

In this hour-long webcast you will learn:

  • Highlights from recent consumer research about expectations towards sustainable fashion accessories
  • How all value chains from raw material producers to end product producers can join forces to lead the way towards a complete transition to a sustainable portfolio in an effective way
  • Key lessons and best practices from two leading eyewear companies on how they quickly and successfully adopted sustainable materials
  • How to build an effective message about sustainable materials and molecular recycling for internal and consumer buy-in


  • Deonna Anderson, Senior Editor, GreenBiz Group


  • Rachel Oakley, Global Segment Manager, Eyewear, Eastman
  • Other speakers TBD

If you are unable to tune in live, please register and we will email you a link to access the recording and webcast resources available to you on demand after the live webcast.

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