CompTIA began its efforts to increase technology jobs

CompTA calls on the technology industry to participate in this effort.

COMPTIA CHANNELCON – This week at ChannelCon 2022, CompTIA launched a new program to foster more careers in technology. This involves attracting a wider array of candidates.

Todd Thibodeau, president and CEO of CompTIA, described the association’s Project Agora during an industry keynote. Through Project Agora, CompTIA creates a resource-rich resource and support for anyone looking to start, stay, and succeed in a technology career.

CompTIA’s Todd Thibodeaux

“The goal of Project Agora is to create a highly respected space to start, build and grow your technology career,” said Thibodeaux. “With incredible resources and extensive support from our members, partners and industry, Project Agora helps people find success in the technology workforce.”

Unprecedented changes in the labor market

The labor market is in an unprecedented period of transition. According to CompTIA, when individuals seek or move from one job to another, it is defined as “stressful unemployment.” One in four American workers were actively looking for a new job or other career options in the second quarter.

While technology is one of the top five industries considered by job seekers, it lags behind other sectors. These include sales, real estate, healthcare, hospitality and finance.

Factors contributing to reluctance to consider technology as a career option include lack of confidence in technical skills; Concerns about the cost and time it takes to learn these skills; and insights into the culture of the technology industry.

Project Agora helps curb that reluctance, he said. It allows individuals to explore great tech jobs and careers.

to practicality

CompTIA has identified 30 different job roles that cover 90% of technology hires. The next step is to create resources to engage users and shift them from professional needs to technical needs.

Thibodeaux issued a call to action to participate in this effort. The idea is to build the best, most comprehensive technology work resources available anywhere.

“Confidence gaps, career transition gaps and skills gaps are not insurmountable obstacles, but rather opportunities for individuals and the companies that employ them to forge a new path,” he said. “Project Agora is where we want and work to unlock potential, for the industry and for millions of people.”

According to Thibodeau, the way the tech industry gets the talent it needs is by “fighting.”

“We need to consistently tell better stories about how great it is to work in technology,” he said. “It’s a big tent for companies to invest in people from all backgrounds. That means accepting people who are 50% 60% but loaded with talent. It means creating a long-term career path and commitment for the people you invest in.

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