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PToday people are suffering from technology problems. This problem is caused by excessive use of gadgets – smartphones and other electronic devices. Undoubtedly, technology is the greatest invention of mankind, but its excessive use can cause some dangers, especially for teenagers and young adults. Even the middle-aged and elderly are vulnerable to the negative effects of overuse of technology.

Technology addiction is a broad term used to describe a person’s obsession with digital products. Once we get into TechDade, our addiction to technology increases. Especially after the epidemic, serious technological problems were indirectly reported in the society. It is said that the young people are suffering from mental stress and physical fatigue due to excessive use of online education and digital applications for a long time.

We live in technology, and obviously we cannot be away from technology for a day. Our environment is blessed with technology-based solutions and our lives are getting easier all the time. Our smart watches, smart phones, laptops, smart cars, smart ACs and smart TVs, washing machines, microwaves and so on. Everything in our daily life is simply a technological solution. Man himself never knows the time when the utility turns into an addiction and causes a technological handicap. Technology fatigue is so severe that unnecessary risks to physical and mental well-being can become apparent.

Modern psychologists believe that it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when a person is in a technological disability. Of course, it is a new member of the disease family, but it is not in the most unusual category. Almost all of us are suffering from this disease, perhaps to a mild or severe level, but technological challenges to health are occurring in today’s societies. The symptoms are obvious, we often get angry, lose focus, gain weight, disturb normal mood, excessive internet addiction can lead to suicide and depression.

Everything we use has a double side, it has a destructive side at the same time it has a productive side. How we use it now, is entirely up to us. Technology is changing our lives, without a doubt. But we have to save ourselves from the harm. Otherwise, technological failures will take more and more lives in the coming days.

Being tech savvy is one thing and being addicted to tech is another. We need to separate technology utility from tech addiction. Although the line between tech utility and tech addiction is very thin; We have to do it to get rid of the technological problem in us.

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