CrossFit has hired a former US marine and technology executive as its new CEO.

CrossFit, one of the largest national gyms in the United States, has hired a new CEO two years after its founder stepped down, tweeting about George Floyd.

The company announced in a press release last Tuesday that Don Fowle, a former US Navy SEAL and business executive, will be the new CEO. The news comes just 24 hours before the company hosts its biggest annual event, the 2022 NOBull CrossFit Games.

“I met Don seven years ago, and I believe he is the perfect leader to bridge the past, present and history of CrossFit,” former CEO Eric Rosa said in a statement. “From his military background to his passion for training in the box, Don has seen firsthand how CrossFit can change and save lives, so he understands the importance of growing our business and sharing our proven, unparalleled model for health and fitness around the world.”

Rosa’s founder and former CEO, Gregg Klassman, made a controversial statement about George Floyd in 2018. She took over the gym brand in 2020. In addition, the Covid-19 outbreak has forced the company to close many of its stores across the United States.

Greg Glassman, the former CEO of CrossFit, left the organization in 2020 after making controversial statements about George Floyd. (Getty Images / Getty Images)

A former CEO has announced that he is taking a break from his company’s leadership role to focus on mental health. Finally, Rosa stepped down last February and was replaced in May by interim CEO Allison Andreozzi as CrossFit’s chief financial officer.

The CEO of CROSSFIT resigned after making racial comments following the death of George Floyd

Outside of his military background, Fowle has a long list of careers in the technology industry. He is the former CEO of Atos, a gym wear company, Vice President of Global Online Operations at Facebook, former Head of Operations at Pinterest, and Online Sales Manager at Google.

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“In a time of declining global health trends, where people are starved for personal connection and community, CrossFit is more important than ever,” Fowle said in a statement. “I’ve experienced the impact of CrossFit firsthand, seeing how it helps people improve their fitness, reverse chronic diseases, and build meaningful relationships with other members of the CrossFit community.”

The gym is closed.

CrossFit was forced to close many of its gyms during the Covid-19 pandemic. (iStock/iStock)

“There are more than 13,000 CrossFit affiliates worldwide who have changed the lives of millions of people. But we’re just getting started,” Fowle added. “Our mission is to share CrossFit with the rest of the world, so our partners and coaches can help and inspire the tens of millions of people we have yet to reach.”

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The former technology executive has been a member of CrossFit gyms for eight years, according to the company.

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