Cyber ​​Summit: Learn how to keep your business safe

What we found: Staffing shortages, supply chain issues and door-to-door arguments can dominate work-related in-office meetings.

But those issues shouldn’t make you forget about a single event that can disrupt your business — or even shut it down — in a matter of seconds: a cyber attack.

That’s why the Meadowlands Chamber is hosting a Cyber ​​Summit Wednesday morning at Felician University in Rutherford (register here).

The panel included three federal agents, representatives from the FBI, Homeland Security and Secret Service, along with Department of Defense contractor and Felician professor Mazdak Zamani at the Felician School of Business, who focused on cybersecurity.

Jim Kirkus, CEO of the Meadowlands Chamber, aims not only to remind businesses that cyber threats are still prevalent, but also to give leaders things they can do to protect themselves.

“Too many businesses today underestimate the most prevalent cybersecurity threats,” Kirkos said. “We hope that hosting this Cyber ​​Summit will focus business executives and owners on protecting their businesses.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost every day to ransomware attacks and the theft of sensitive data.”

Michael Knauss, who leads the advocacy and membership experience team at the Meadowlands Chamber, said the idea for the event came from the members.

“While we were meeting with small business owners at the round table, the topic of business risk came up: the same word kept coming up: cyber,” he said.

“We recognize that this is not the case and as a trade union organization we must take the lead and provide resources and education to our members.”

Check out the panelists:

  • Terrence Reilly: Special Agent, FBI;
  • Sandeep Singh: Special Agent, Homeland Security;
  • Scott Keenan: Assistant Technical Staff, Secret Service;
  • Mike Battistella: Contractor, Department of Defense;
  • Mazdak Zamani: Cyber ​​Security Professor, Felician University.

Register here.

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