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Sexual wellness company Dame Products is targeting a new audience after raising $7 million in new Series A funding.

The New York-based company will launch Deep Vibrating on October 12, describing it as “a non-intimidating, inclusive pleasure entry point for people in the early stages of their sexual safety journey.” The dip is priced at $49, which is about $50 less than similar Dem products.

Dame was founded in 2014 by CEO Alexandra Finn, who originally wanted to be a sex therapist. She launched the company with $575,000 from an Indiegogo campaign and turned Dem into a profitable business that ran until December 2020. That’s when Fine raised $4 million to expand his team and product line.

Fine told TechCrunch that Dame is known for its products that aim to “reinvent sexual wellness through real people.” The company offers about 30 different items, from traditional vibrators to condoms to serums.

“About 40% of our products are non-vibrating, and with some tried-and-true processes, we’ve been able to adjust for the product type and expand; then we work with consumers to do what they think is best,” added Fine. Our refills allow us to create more product innovations and add to our content and community.”

Since the seed round, the company has launched several new products, including gummies; Agreed with New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority to run ads on the subway; He went to Sephora and focused his clinical board on sexual health. In addition to direct-to-consumer and Sephora, Dame is carried by other retailers such as Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Free People.

Meanwhile, Dam has doubled revenue, customers and employees every year for the past two years, Fine said. With the sexual wellness market expected to reach $125.1 billion by 2026, Fine wants to keep growing fast and strong, so DeM closed on this new round of funding, a $7 million Series A, earlier this month.

The investment was led by Amboy Street Ventures along with Listen Ventures, Flybridge, Echo and Forest Road Company. Dame has now raised a total of $13 million.

Carly Sapir, a founding partner at Amboy Street Ventures, told TechCrunch that the institute’s focus is on sexual health and women’s health, and it invests in companies like Dame to address both areas. We’ve seen other companies do this too, including Keck and Mjoy.

Sapir added, “We’re seeing a shift in general exclusion, especially as major retailers open their doors to Dams.” “There’s been an explosion of startups coming into this space and growing because of the disruption Dam has done to the rest of the industry.”

Next, Finn is focused on customer retention, educational content at Dame Clinical Board and expanding the company’s retail presence.

“It’s really important to be true to ourselves and do what feels good to us,” she said. We’re trying not to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. We do not hesitate to believe that happiness is healthy.

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