Double FW23 Runway Show at Paris Fashion Week

Despite sitting outside, doublet’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection managed to put a smile on our faces. Debuting as part of Paris Fashion Week, Masayuki Ino invited attendees into a genuinely hilarious world of fashion rats, fluffy bunny suits and models walking with a sense of urgency (or maybe it was just the -1 degree temperatures).

Alas, this was doubly good for her: not taking herself too seriously, but presenting clothes that offered serious attention to detail. Stomachs were exposed to the elements alongside bare legs covered only by boxer briefs, while others were fully encased in turtleneck coats that pushed their jackets up to their navels.

But of course, it was the wildest scenes that stole the show. As the dancers – clad in tiger colors – hit the floor, sheer Chet Lo-esque spiked hoods, skirts made from flip-up rib-knit bouncy dresses, fleecy runners contrasting with lime green crocodile scales, billowy winged sweaters billowing over , and furry sweatpants tiers at Big Foot all came down the runway pavement.

On foot were furry van sliders, taking the iconic pattern and inverting the spotted checker print with faux fur in black and white, or pink and black. The monster mash continued with a Suicoke footwear collaboration, which saw flats outfitted with Vibram sole units, a strappy upper and fur inners.

Sporting flared jeans that popped out of the hips, a sweater you could roll over your head and pretend you were a bear, neon green t-shirts and more echoed the joy.

Take a look at the chaotic joy that is FW23 in the gallery above, and stay tuned to Hypebeast for more Paris Fashion Week FW23 content.

In case you missed it, here’s what Hypebeast had to say about Casablanca’s FW23 show.

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