Downtown Phoenix’s ’50s motel is being transformed into a high-tech smart hotel with a ‘Miami-style’ pool area.

A Central Phoenix A 50’s motel described as old and run down, is being transformed into a new technologically advanced destination.

The motel was originally built in 1959 as a Travelodge and is known as a historic property. A new, cutting-edge hotel group has unveiled a design that preserves the historic building and makes it the city’s first fully automated smart hotel.

Plans are underway to convert the 63-year-old motel into a fully automated, high-tech hotel with 114 rooms and a rooftop pool.

“It’s going to be amazing. Miami-style cabanas, live entertainment, it’s going to be something Phoenix has never seen,” Ken Patel said. EV Hotels Founder and Chairman.

EV Hotel has a plan with the City of Phoenix that will update the old to the new and retain its image.

“We have to show them a design that feels like we’re still keeping the old Travelodge and integrating it into our building,” Patel said.

The hotel does not have a front desk or room key cards. From check-in to room service, guests use the app for everything a staff member would normally do and to customize their rooms.

“It’s like an airline,” Patel said. “You get a message, you’re ready to sign in, you’re making your choices. I want the room to be 70 degrees, it’s lit. Those things make the experience.”

Each room will have more than a dozen smart devices, including smart mirrors, so guests can adjust their surroundings at the touch of a finger.

“Now you own your own room because you’re customizing your room to what you want,” he explained.

There is no timetable yet for the start of renovations and construction to transform this old motel into a high-tech smart hotel. They are still in the process of getting rezoned and licensed.

A motel to be renovated into a smart, hi-tech hotel in downtown Phoenix

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