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Investors these days want to see It’s not just progressBut the road to profitability — and for venture-backed startups to abruptly correct course — isn’t always easy. But their bootleg peers have a leg up, according to a recent report. Let’s investigate. – Anna

Cheap growth

In 2021, Alex And I wondered aloud if startups running away from venture capital could have it all. This year, the answer seems to be yes.

In fact, Capchase’s latest Pulse of SaaS report contains an interesting finding: By 2022, bootstrapped SaaS companies are outperforming VC-backed startups in many ways.

“Despite the coffers of funding that VC-backed firms raised last year, bootstrapped companies are outperforming VC-backed firms in nearly every metric we analyzed,” writes the SaaS-oriented fintech.

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