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ELSA, known for its speech recognition technology, is introducing a new product called Speech Analyzer, an English language learning app. The assessment platform plugs into communication tools like Zoom and analyzes spoken speech to suggest areas for improvement, including pronunciation, pacing and vocabulary. To help people prepare for exams, presentations, interviews, or as a language coach to help them become more confident when speaking English.

Like ELSA, a learning app with over 40 million users, Speech Analyzer offers tutorials, and guides users on major English language tests, including IELTS.

Based in San Francisco and Ho Chi Minh City, ELSA’s investors include Google’s AI-focused fund Gradient Ventures.

According to founder and CEO Vu Van, TechCrunch’s speech analyzer was developed after ELSA received feedback from users that their English improved while using the app, but they still felt nervous during face-to-face conversations and amplification calls. Corporate users are often encouraged to join speaking clubs or Toastmasters to improve their speaking skills, but miss the time.

“Recognizing those major pain points among our customers and seeing the world in a more dynamic, hybrid and remote work environment where professionals spend hours on online meeting platforms, we felt the need for strong English language skills is even more important,” Vu said. Speech Analyzer was developed as an extension of the LASA Learning App to make communication training easier for people.

Speech Analyzer integrates with Outlook and Gmail calendars, and can be used with Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and other platforms. It only records the user’s voice and audio recordings can also be uploaded to it.

ELSA is based on Midwestern American English, a standard often used in business, education and everyday settings, Van said, and uses major English-speaking tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, CEFR and Pearson as benchmarks.

Speech Analyzer is free to use and monetized by plugging in for more advanced features and analytics. Also available in a premium package with ELSA membership.

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