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Everyone knows that membership has its privileges. And that statement holds true at TechCrunch Disrupt, taking place October 18-20 in San Francisco. how so? Attendees with a one- or two-year TC+ subscription will get exclusive access to the TC+ Lounge at the show.

Let’s back up a moment. If you’re unfamiliar with TC+, it’s our members-only community where you’ll find articles that provide extensive market analysis, expert advice from seasoned entrepreneurs, in-depth interviews with investors and founders, as well as live weekly training, Q&A sessions, and more.

Now, what do you get in the TC+ Lounge? First, it’s a place to fill up on snacks and refreshing drinks away from the crowds. You will also enjoy a special Q&A session with event speakers on all three days of the event.

There are just three examples here, but you can hit the Disruption Agenda and check out the TC+ Lounge to see who’s performing — and when — each day.

Meet the speaker: How to build your former VC network
Join this small group discussion with select speakers in the TechCrunch+ Lounge.

With Nick Milanovich (Founder, This Week in FinTech, General Partner, FinTech Fund), Joshua Ogundu (CEO, Campfire), Geffen Skolnick (Founder, Couple Coffee)

Meet the speaker: How to create strong security programs for your startup
Join this small group discussion with select speakers in the TechCrunch+ Lounge.

With Brett Callow (Threat Analyst, Microsoft), Katie Moussouris (Founder and CEO, Luta Security)

Meet the Speaker: What Does Product Marketability Mean When You’re Hype Tanks?
Join this small group discussion with selected speakers in the TechCrunch+ Lounge

With Pali Bhatt (Chief Product Officer, Reddit) and Annie Pearl (Chief Product Officer, Kalindi)

The lounge is a premier networking area, so come prepared to quench your thirst for luck while enjoying your delicious drink.

And, in the classic “but wait, there’s more” moment, know this. When you purchase a one or two-year TC+ subscription, you get a 20% discount on your Disruption Passport. Additionally, subscribers receive 20% off all TechCrunch events.

TechCrunch Disruption takes place October 18-20. Remember, membership has its own privileges. Subscribe to TC+ today, receive 20% off Disruption Passes, and learn why Disruption is where startup founders thrive.

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