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Platelet Rich Plasma is a relatively new addition to the list of hair loss treatments. As the name suggests, it’s rich in platelets, the blood cells that help repair small wounds and are responsible for wound healing. When injected into an area that needs similar treatment, the body’s own mechanisms will improve the regeneration of the tissue.

As a relatively new treatment, PRP has many people talking. It is a great option for men and women suffering from hair loss because it can help to stimulate tissue regeneration and help regrow hair.

PRP injections are often used to help the growth and healing of slow growing tissues like bones, teeth, and hair. In particular, hair loss treatments often use PRP injections to potentially help re-grow areas of thinning or balding scalp. While a treatment has been shown to be successful in aiding regrowth of these areas over time, its efficacy is limited by its early implementation compared to a complete scalp (typically at least 6 months post injury)

Ofy Clinics is one of the most trusted Aesthetic Clinics providing skin, hair and weight loss treatments. We are having clinics at Chhindwara, Raipur, Indore, Surat, Bhopal and Nagpur. Experience Hair PRP treatment from safest hands as we have experience staff members, we don’t compromise on quality thus we use latest technology in the market so that you will get more benefit. We are always eager to solve our customer’s hair problem. There are many Hair Clinic in Raipur but Ofy Clinics will provide you best Hair PRP Treatment.

What is the Procedure?

PRP treatment is greatly advantageous treatment for all men and women who are suffering from bald patches, hair thinning and severe hair loss. The treatment involves 5 steps and takes around 90 minutes to complete.

Step 1 – 10-20ml blood is drawn typically from your arm.

Step 2 – This blood is transferred to special PRP tubes that contain a special medicine to separate the plasma from the blood.

Step 3 – We put these tubes into a centrifuge (a specially designed machine that separates plasma from the blood).

After spinning this for around 15-20 minutes the blood is separated into 3 layers: Platelet Rich Plasma + Platelet Poor Plasma + Red Blood Cells

Step 4 – The platelet rich plasma is then drawn up into a syringe and injected into the affected areas of scalp or where the patient is facing hair loss or hair thinning problem.

Step 5 – We have observed that PRP treatment gives best results when it’s mixed with Derma Roller treatment. After step 4, micro punctures are made into the scalp with the help of derma roller and remaining platelet rich plasma is sprayed onto the scalp while applying the derma roller. This ensures that PRP reaches to the hair roots. As these growth factors reach the hair roots the stimulate the hair roots and help cure all hair ailments.


As a result, the affected area of the patient’s scalp starts growing new hair follicle and stimulates hair stem cells again.


Ofy Clinics has come with a new offer on Hair PRP Treatment, where you will get Hair PRP just at pocket friendly price. Our Hair Doctor in Bhopal believes in customer satisfaction as primary purpose. When you will take Hair PRP Treatment from Ofy Clinics you will see much more improvement in your hairs.


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