Fashion Police Squad: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Fashion Police Squad is a tongue-in-cheek shooter designed as a retro first-person shooter, AKA Boomer Shooters. There are plenty of meme-inspired references and jokes sprinkled throughout the game, some of which may require non-fashionista players to do some research.

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You play as Sergeant Des, a law enforcement officer of the Sewing Machine, ready to call out anyone who commits crimes against fashion. Despite the carefree and downright silly concept behind the game, Fashion Police Squad combines the classic first-person shooter feel of games like Doom with a modern sense of humor to make a challenging yet enjoyable game.


7 Remember it’s a shooter

It can be very easy to get lost in the ridiculous idea of ​​the current fashion police using sewing machines as weapons, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy game. At its heart, it’s a first-person shooter with direct enemies and targets to hit.

Treating the Fashion Police Squad as a joke – even though what they do in the game is hilarious – will only make the game harder to play. Some levels are harder than others, so remember to go for it strategy is important.

6 You get two weapons

You can only carry two weapons with you at a time, and there are five in total to choose from in the game. It’s all fashion-related items, like the practical sewing machine or the comical sock gnome.

Having strategy in mind is important, choosing which two weapons to carry should be a thoughtful plan. You have unlimited ammo with all weapons, but don’t think you can rely on just one for the entire level or game. Every fashion crime is different and will require different measures to solve, so alternating between the two weapons is your best bet.

5 Lose levels

Of course, no one wants to lose while playing games, but it can be to your advantage. Some levels are significantly harder than others, and what you face may be different than what others struggle with, but ultimately the advice is the same: lose. It may take you a few games of a level to notice all the details, but making a mental note of what goes well and what doesn’t will help you win.

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You may also find that even though you level up, there are achievements you don’t unlock. This, too, is solved by taking extra time to look around and pay attention to the finer details of your surroundings.

4 Improve your sniper skills

As you play, you will notice that some levels require sniper skills to beat them to 100 percent. There will be fashion criminals sneaking up and down from you, and the only way to get to them is to slap them. You may not care 100 percent about the Fashion Police Squad, and that’s fine too, but know that the only way to do that is to have great sniper skills.

Depending on your playstyle, you can get through most levels going full steam ahead, so when it comes time to use your sniping skills, you’re in trouble. That’s why it’s important to take the time to master the skill little by little as you play.

3 You are helping, not hurting

Although it’s classified as a first-person shooter and you have ‘unlimited vehicles’ and ‘sniper skills’, you’re not killing any of the criminals in Fashion Police Squad. Your goal is to help people commit fashion faux pas, like wearing socks with their sandals, leaving them – as the game says – fabulous, elegant and glamorous.

The game itself is very comprehensive, and aside from the mild humor, it’s pretty family-friendly by today’s standards (although no exact rating has been assigned to the game). It’s also a great game if you don’t like jump scares or excessive gore, as the overall feel is light and fun.

2 Understand the Challenge

You can change the difficulty level of Fashion Police Squad only at the beginning of the game. You may be the type of player who bites off more than you can chew at once, or you may assume that being the Fashion Police can’t be difficult, but either way, try the lowest difficulty first.

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The Fashion Police Squad does a good job of training you to get ready for the game, but it also throws new stuff at you quickly. If you start on harder settings, you may not enjoy the game nearly as much as you deserve. Regardless of the setting you choose, just be up for the challenge accordingly – and remember you can always start a new game at a different difficulty level if you need/want to!

1 Enjoy the Humor

While you want to remember the shooting aspect of Fashion Police Squad, and you definitely don’t want to think the game is a joke, make sure you take the time to appreciate the humor. Some of them come in the form of silly games – like the confidential informant Deep Coat – while other giggles come from the costumes and the dances, and of course, the actual crimes against fashion.

Just as much effort went into the script of Fashion Police Squad as the game itself, so make sure you enjoy every possible aspect while playing.

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