Fashion show fundraiser to support foster children with disabilities

MAPLE GROVE, Minn. — When you think of a fashion show, you probably think of how people look. But there’s a fashion show coming to the northwest metro that has all the glam and all the heart.

Zoey Wangerin is a professional model. She is also a pro at the art of optimism. She screamed with excitement as WCCO sat down to talk with her.

“Excited! I’m so excited! Yes, I’m ready, ready for this!” Wangerin said.

Zoey was adopted from China. Her sisters were adopted from Ukraine. They all have disabilities.

Zoey has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She also has a thriving career. She has shot commercials for Target, Mall of America and toy companies as well.

That’s where Mrs. Denisha, model and modeling trainer, came in.

“When I first met Zoey … I was like, ‘Can we have a play date?’ Like I want to take it home right after camp,” said Ms. Denisha, as she is called by her students. “I got here sponsored by the American Legion in Maple Grove. I sent her a proposal and they sponsored it, so she was able to come to my program.”

Zoey Wangerin


It was Zoey’s delight that inspired Ms. Denisha planned a fashion show next weekend to raise money for foster and adopted children with disabilities.

“It was a core goal of how they what it means to start doing something you love in the modeling industry, but also to give back to the community. Because I believe that being cool is never enough. You know, knowing how to rock a great outfit is never enough. Give something, let people know that we’re more than that, we’re more than just a pretty face,” Ms. Denishia said.

And so Zoey is getting ready to model what life really is.

“I definitely feel that she is living her dream and I want to help her continue,” said Mrs. Denishia. “Her future is so bright!”

You can watch Zoey hit the road at the Maple Grove-Osseo American Legion track at 7pm this Saturday.

You can also sponsor a foster or adopted child to take modeling lessons to help build their confidence.

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