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A scarf is a clothing accessory that not only contributes to the fashion or style factor of your outfit, but is also functional. One can tie a scarf around the neck, wrap it around the shoulders or head and it will change the look of any outfit and from rectangular pieces of flowing fabric to triangles and squares to many fabrics, scarves have evolved over the years.

Scarves have many benefits – if the sun is shining right on your head, you can wrap a scarf to save you from the scorching heat and help prevent a tan. When you are traveling by car or at the beach where the weather is windy and dusty, then you can put a scarf around your hair and it will keep your hair from getting too tangled.

While scarves prove to be useful for many different functions, let’s not forget that they add to and elevate any outfit with which it is paired properly. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Aditya Agrawal, Director of Cloth Haus shed light on the 4 different types of scarves available in the market and how you can style them with your outfits:

1. Scarves with prints

As the name suggests, these scarves come with various designs/illustrations printed on them on a solid background. They are available in different materials such as chiffon, cotton, georgette etc. and can be combined according to the weather and outfit. When paired with a plain and simple outfit, printed scarves can dress up the look while adding a pop to the outfit.

2. Strong scarves

Solid colored scarves are one of the most sought after scarves. They are available in different materials like cotton, chiffon, georgette, etc. Solid colored scarves are the perfect choice to maintain uniformity in any outfit you wear, or to not go overboard with an already printed outfit. They add elegance to your outfit while also not being too dressy

3. Silk scarf

Silk scarves are known for their vibrant prints. They look very royal and carry elegance. Silk scarves are made from premium material and are great value. Silk scarves not only enhance your look but also keep your skin and hair moisturized. They keep your hair silky and smooth and your skin soft and healthy as they are hypoallergenic.

4. Velvet scarf

These scarves are made from the finest quality velvet. Known for their warm properties, velvet scarves are best suited for mild winters. They help prevent chills and make a royal style statement when paired right with your outfit.

There are many types of scarves available and you can choose any one based on your liking and requirement. Remember, a scarf is always a great accessory with functionality, as from the mountains to the beaches, a good scarf goes a long way!

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