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With nearly a hundred new stories on the site since the last Daily Crunch, we had a hard time picking the cream of the crop, but that’s the dooo. In the past 24 hours, there’s been a flurry of Amazon and Google, in addition to all the usual news coverage that our team of tech news junkies has been pulling out of the bag. there will be no More ado – let’s do this! – Christine And came

TechCrunch’s Top 3

  • News you don’t want to useApple News users got some interesting — read “disgusting” — notifications thanks to a hacker who breached the company’s systems. Carly It has more.
  • Well, that went downhill fastWe’ve been picking up everything Apple iPhone 14, but now we feel it. Ivan The tech giant is reportedly “adjusting its product targets” after not seeing as much customer demand.
  • Fewer fees please: Ingrid Covers payment network Satispay’s €320 million funding puts the company at a value of over €1 billion and also in the hearts and minds of customers in Europe who want better budget control.

Startups and VCs

First of all RomanInviting you to join the roundtable. It is a new startup backed by eFounders that seeks to bring community-driven, angelist-style angel investments to European startups. The company has built a platform that eases the administrative, legal and financial hassles that come with angel investments.

Money continues to flow into new venture capital funds. Last month, Runa Capital, Lerer Hippeau, Razor’s Edge Ventures, First Star, OurCrowd, Northzone, Janngo Capital and Kapor Capital all announced new funds. Now it’s the turn of Scale Venture Partners, which has raised $900 million in capital for its eighth fund, and in 2016 It is the largest since its establishment in 2000. Christine Reports. The money was raised over 120 days over the summer, said partner Rory O’Driscoll.

More, more, always more:

Simplicity that cannot be property-light

Image Credits: Western61 (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Investors have embraced “value light” companies like Rent the Runway, Uber, and Airbnb that don’t have hardware to generate revenue.

Companies that generate billions in cash from non-owned assets “typically require less capital — and less cash for their investors,” writes Daniel Hofer, managing director of Autotech Ventures.

“But some property-light marketplaces struggle to satisfy their customers because not all of the properties they offer are equally appreciated by their customers on the demand side.”

Three more from the TC+ team:

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Big Tech Inc.

Hey guys, we’ve got something good for you today: our team has been busy covering both the Google Search On event and the Amazon Fall event, which means we have all the Amazon and Google news to print, er, post. There are many to choose from, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Amazon’s latest Halo device is an in-bed sleep tracker; Kindle Scribe brings Amazon’s popular e-reader text; and Amazon’s Astro Robot Pet Access, Home Security Updates and SDK, at Brian.
  • Google is reinventing shopping with 3D images, shoppable avatars, shopping guides and more personalization, and Google is unveiling a more visual search experience for the TikTok generation. Sarah.
  • Google’s upcoming Maps feature lets you see the ‘vibe’ of a neighborhood. Aisha.
  • The new Echo Dot is also Aero, by Devin.
  • Amazon has announced new Echo devices including Echo Studio with Spatial Audio Kyle.

And we have four more for you:

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