Former Montana Tech coach Bob Green ‘amazing every day’ after beating cancer

BOOTY – In retrospect, Bob Greene revealed that he was at risk of developing cancer from his tour of duty during the Vietnam War. Lasting health impact on the veteran generation.

After the service was completed, Green began regularly checking his PSA (prostate-specific antigen) levels. After years of regularly getting high PSA results for the next decade — and when he became one of the most recognizable coaches (and one of the most unique voices) in Montana Tech athletics — the biopsy came back positive.

“So I had to go fix it,” Green said last week during an interview at the Texans Hall of Fame.

After a pair of surgeries and a few months of recovery, the self-proclaimed “geriatric coach” was cancer-free.

The man who led Tech’s football program for 24 seasons and is known for his success on the field was often direct in his uncharacteristically figurative language — a penchant for simple illustrations and memorable metaphors — to discuss what he felt about it. A clean bill of health is emerging.

“I feel great, I was very lucky,” Green said. “I’ve had a great team of doctors and treatment. I’m very lucky. I’m just grateful.”

“I enjoy every day. It didn’t take cancer to appreciate every day. I appreciate every day. I’m lucky to have a good wife, a family. I look forward to every day.”

One thing Green missed during his recovery was his favorite pastime, golf. He said he enjoyed getting back on the fairway, even though his wallet felt a little lighter by the end of the round.

“Those people call me ‘ATM,’ they take a lot of money from me at the Fairmont,” Green yelled.

The catalog of witches’ one-liners that Greene was known for delivering doesn’t need much explanation. Videos compiling some of his best quotes – such as one where he compared the team’s efforts in defeat to ‘the kid playing the second French horn’ – continue to circulate on social media a decade after he left the group. to the side.

His reasoning for conducting interviews with humorous and eccentric responses – some improvised, some ‘in the pocket’ – was simple.

“My philosophy has always been if you can connect with the TV, the newspaper, the radio, it’s good for your program,” Green said. And this is good for the institution.

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