Four tech stocks favored by popular portfolio managers

The US is renowned for its entrepreneurship and technological innovation. These themes stand out among top fund managers’ 10 favorite U.S. stocks, with four prominent companies involved in technology, two of which develop it, and two of which apply to clients.

Fix the futureThe top 10 US stocks are selected based on the collective belief of the world’s best fund managers.

Shares in these four tech plays aren’t cheap, even though they’ve been hit hard by this year’s bear market. However, they all promise remarkable growth and have a track record to back up such promises. Here’s our quick rundown on each, with readers getting a chance to dive deeper into the two later.


Leading-edge chips and related software that Nvidia (NVDA) Development and sales are likely to be central to many of the major trends that will shape the technology space in the coming decades.

Typically, the company is focused on the game industry. It has taken the lead in graphics processing chips that can process data faster than more versatile central processing units. As data processing becomes central to more industries, Nvidia believes the markets will balloon in size.

This already seems to be happening in the data center market, which is expanding rapidly on the back of demand for cloud services that integrate artificial intelligence.

The company sees huge opportunities in the automotive industry, especially as vehicles become more autonomous (the autonomous concept race car is pictured above). Beyond that, there are opportunities in the immersive virtual world that companies like Meta believe will soon dominate our lives, and the interaction between the physical and digital worlds known as the Internet of Things.

That’s a wide range of possibilities.

However, while Nvidia has a leadership position in key markets, there is also a lot of competition, those markets are cyclical, and the amount of demand for its chips is tied to the crypto-mining sector, which has an unknown problem. This has led to a large share price decline this year.

Read our in-depth look at Nvidia here.

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Source: Citywire/Morningstar, latest portfolio disclosures


Tesla (TSLA)Another popular American automaker is one that has shied away from using Navi chips in its vehicles since it began making its own in 2018. However, Nvidia is using chips to help Tesla build an artificial intelligence supercomputer. It has ambitions to dominate the autonomous vehicle market.

Elon Musk, the high-profile and influential founder of Tesla, may find the company’s investment case to be similar to the actual operations of the business. In fact, it seems that business investors see Tesla itself as a subject of debate.

Is Tesla considered the most expensive car company that sells high-end electric vehicles? Does the vertically integrated model make a play on battery technology? What about the solar works? And there’s the lingering question of whether its unique approach to developing camera-based self-driving software will make the autonomous vehicle market Microsoft Windows.

Depending on what kind of attitude a person has, it is a company full of love or hate. Enough well-known managers fall into the Love camp to earn the company a spot in our US Top 10.

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Source: Citywire/Morningstar, latest portfolio disclosures

They are complaining.

Two digital transformation specialists make America’s top 10 list. These companies are émigrés, originally from foreign shores but who have decided to make America their home for stock market listings.

Digital technology consultant globe Founded in 2003 in Argentina. It has grown its business overseas rapidly, and its original home market now accounts for only 7 percent of the company’s revenue. It is headquartered in Luxembourg, and the US accounts for most of its sales, more than 60% of the total.

The group’s rapid expansion, which broke into a $1 billion (£820m) revenue market last year, is fueled by a strong appetite for acquisitions, combined with an ability to cut partnership deals with big industry players. In addition, it has developed a variety of departments, from artificial intelligence to blockchain, to help its clients take advantage of digital opportunities.

The company is currently looking to push its business to Asia and Europe. The shares have hit a dismal level so far in 2022, but a number of elite managers saw this as a buying opportunity and sold their stake in the company.

More details on recent acquisitions can be found here in the company’s deep dive.

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Source: Citywire/Morningstar, latest portfolio disclosures


DAVA It is on the same line of work as Globant but on a smaller scale. It has the same transformation as its peers.

In the year The British company, which made its shares home on the high-tech US Nasdaq exchange in 2018, specializes in digital transformation consulting and software development.

It has grown rapidly over the past five years, with sales rising from £159m in 2017 to £446m in 2021. The company operates delivery centers in Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, along with offices close to customers.

North American revenues have grown from 16 percent of the total five years ago to nearly a third today, making it an important part of the company’s pipeline. Meanwhile, UK revenues have fallen to two-fifths of the total in the same period.

Payment technology, which includes blockchain, is an important area for the group, accounting for more than half of its sales.

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Source: Citywire/Morningstar, latest portfolio disclosures

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