He was caught on camera ripping an American flag from a Santa Barbara business.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – A Santa Barbara business owner wants police to track down a man who stole an American flag outside his business.

The theft was caught on camera.

It happened last weekend at the Santa Barbara Signs Shop on Upper State Street. The owner and team moved into the former Cardigan’s location on the 3000 block a few days ago.

On Saturday night, workers received a security camera alert. The next day, they watch the video and see the image of the man.

(Courtesy: Santa Barbara Landmarks)

“There was actually a guy walking by, he didn’t look homeless, definitely upset or under the influence of something,” said Nick Kvistad, senior designer for Santa Barbara Signs, “and he took the American flag off our building.”

“Then he took the flag off the pole and came back 10 minutes later because he forgot his bike, not because he hated the American flag, but because it was there.”

At one point, the man is seen wrapping the flag around his head as he steps out of frame.

“Our neighbors have mentioned that there is a lot of activity here at night, which will be addressed and the police will look into it,” Kvistad said.

Kvistad said the person also caused minor damage to the area behind the business.

The owner filed a police report and hopes someone recognizes the man.

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