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  • UAE Health Tech is linked to the rise in demand for specialist care for oncological and cardiovascular diseases in the UAE due to the prevalence of lifestyle diseases (such as diabetes or obesity) and increasing awareness of preventive care. The elderly population.
  • The UAE health tech market is expected to grow at a double-digit CAGR from 2018 to 2021.
  • HealthCare IT Systems is currently the largest contributor in terms of revenue as it has relatively higher GMV compared to other categories and is expected to be the highest contributing category followed by e-pharmacy in 2026.
  • The target audience for health tech products is the general public, hospitals, clinics, drugstores and laboratories.
  • Advances in technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain and VR Environments are expected to be adopted by UAE health tech market players.

Competition Status: The industry currently consists of 9 major players operating in e-pharmacy in the UAE, 5 major players in the online consultation market and 6 major players in the IT solutions market. Fast delivery, low price, user convenience, wide product assortment and availability, and ease of payment are the main factors influencing the consumer’s purchasing decision. The main players include: Life Pharmacy, 800 Pharmacy, Medicoplus, Intersystem, LTB and Ocadoc.

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FUTURE MARKET STATEMENT (UPCOMING TECHNOLOGIES):- Demand for the UAE health tech market is expected to expand at a double-digit 11% CAGR between 2022 and 2026, based on GMV, with the emergence of a teleconsultation platform ecosystem enabled by mobile medical units and intermediaries, VR technology, AI and Blockchain. Some technologies are changing the world. Demand forecasting and customer behavior analysis are critical to ensure adequate availability and minimize spoilage and inventory of healthcare products.

Rules: UAE health tech players are expected to provide users with online security certificates for data protection, security and website integrity and encryption. A DHA-licensed physician with appropriate skills, competency training, and knowledge to provide counseling with appropriate technologies and equipment.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest issue UAE Health Tech Market Outlook to 2026 – Driven by Increasing Demand for Convenience and Shifting Customer Behavior to Online Health ServicesThe health tech market in the UAE is expected to show strong growth due to increasing demand for pharmaceutical products, wide product assortment, convenient and hassle-free online telecom experience.

Key Sections Covered:-
by product category

    • E-pharmacy
    • Online consultation
    • HealthCare IT solutions

in the region

Business model

    • Omni channel model
    • Inventory Led model
    • E-commerce model
    • Annual subscription model

Companies Covered:

  • Pharmacy of life
  • 800 Pharmacy
  • InstaShop
  • Aster Pharmacy
  • Bin Sina
  • Medicine
  • Sou Square
  • Docib HealthCare
  • CHS Community Pharmacy
  • Okadoc
  • Healthigo
  • Health in hand
  • Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Center
  • Tru Doc 24×7
  • International system
  • Cerner
  • Medicoplus
  • Insta-practice
  • Simplex Hymns
  • Reliable care technology

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Main Target Audience:

  • United Arab e-pharmacy companies
  • United Arab Emirates online consulting companies
  • UAE Healthcare IT solutions companies
  • Investors and venture capitalists

Time covered in the report:-

  • Historical time: 2018 – 2021 p
  • Forecast time: 2022 – 2026

Key issues covered in the report:

  • How is the UAE health tech market positioned in the UAE?
  • The growth of the UAE health tech market
  • Consumer buying behavior
  • Supply environment and challenges
  • Market size and segmentation
  • SWOT analysis
  • Current technologies facilitating the UAE health tech market
  • Upcoming technologies in the UAE health tech market
  • Investment and financial support of health tech companies in the United Arab Emirates
  • Competitive Landscape – Comparison of Major Players
  • Company profiles
  • Case study and analyst recommendations
  • Research methods
  • Growth rate of the UAE health tech market
  • United Arab Emirates unemployment rate
  • United Arab Emirates Wearable Medical Devices
  • The UAE remote telemedicine market
  • United Arab Emirates Artificial Intelligence
  • United Arab Emirates patient networks market
  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
  • UAE e-pharmacy market
  • UAE e-pharmacy order quantity
  • UAE e-diagnosis market
  • UAE e-pharmacy delivery fee
  • Major players in health tech in the United Arab Emirates
  • UAE Health Tech Target Audience
  • UAE Life Pharmacy Market Share

For more information on the research report, see the link below:

UAE Health Tech Market

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