Helpful Tips for Traveling Throughout Europe

Helpful Tips for Traveling Throughout Europe

The European continent is the perfect destination for people looking to see multiple destinations in a short period. These types of vacations are affordable and enriching. Here are three helpful tips you need to know for traveling throughout Europe.

Understand COVID-19 Restrictions

Unfortunately, traveling anywhere is much more challenging in light of the pandemic. Even with infections down, many international governments retain strict COVID-19 regulations that may impact your trip. As such, it’s essential that you research the specific COVID-19 rules for each country on your itinerary—be mindful of governments that require quarantine periods, proof of vaccination, recent testing, and more.

Luckily, as we approach the end of 2022, it seems that most EU countries have little to no COVID-19 restrictions in place, specifically for American travelers. Still, it’s best you research before planning your vacation destinations.

Public Transit

One of the reasons traveling across Europe is so appealing is because of how accessible many countries are to one another. Many of these trips pass through five to 10 different nations in under two weeks. But how can individuals or families find the means and time to visit an entire continent? Public transportation!

European public transport is affordable, dependable, and connected throughout most of the continent. These transportation methods include ferries, trains, trolleys, cable cars, taxi boats, and more! So instead of booking flights to various countries, consider purchasing public transportation passes throughout your trip to save money and time. Many cities even offer weekend tickets that provide unlimited public transit rides for one fixed price.

Pack Light

A fast-passed Europe trip depends on your ability to change locations quickly and often. Heavy luggage impedes your ability to cover much ground, restricting your vacation’s itinerary. It’s better to pack light when traveling overseas and use suitcases that are portable and comfortable. Also, try bringing along versatile clothing items suitable for both physical daytime activities and more formal nighttime events. Avoid packing heavy coats, multiple pairs of shoes, excessive technology, and additional non-essentials.

Use these helpful tips when traveling throughout Europe to ensure you see all the sights without breaking the bank. Remember to make a vacation budget before your trip and stick to it throughout the duration of your stay. There are many places in the world to visit, so take the plunge and start planning your next trip today!

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