How an Indian woman Saba Khan increased the country’s pride by living in Dubai

Saba Khan-We go outside our country to work abroad and start adopting foreign ways of living and we forget the culture and dresses of our country. But I am going to tell about a woman living in Dubai , UAE  ,who is an Indian who ,even after living in Dubai for so many years , still presents Indian culture , Indian civilization and Indian dresses in Dubai.


Her name is SABA KHAN who is a famous blogger and also a social influencer too.



Saba Khan is a resident of Hyderabad, the capital of the Indian state of Telangana. She was born on 18th March, 1987 in Hyderabad, India.


Parents Info:

Her real name is Syeda Sultana Akbar (Saba Khan), Her father’s name is Mohammad Akbar Ali Khan, her father is a retired civil engineer, when he was very young ,he started his career from Aurangabad, India, after his marriage he moved to Muscat , Oman  then his real career started from there. He went to Saudi Arabia, where he worked in different cities like Riyadh, Mecca, Madinah, he built many mosques and hospitals. Now he is retired, and he is in Hyderabad ,India. 


Her Mother’s name is Syeda Zainab Sultana, a housewife who took care of the house and children, taught them to read and write and made them capable enough to live proudly in the world.


Educational info: 

Saba Khan did her schooling in Harvard Public School, which is in Hyderabad,  India, she studied there from Kindergarten to 6th class. Her favorite subject was Maths, English, then she moved to Saudi Arabia, where she studied in International Indian school , Riyadh , Saudi Arabia from 7th class  till 12th class. She completed her schooling from there . In those days, there were no colleges in Saudi Arabia, so she went to India and from there she got her admission in one of the best universities in India, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. Her favorites subjects were Financial Accounting, Business Studies and Quantitative Techniques. She finally she completed her graduation in Commerce. 


Career Info: 

Saba khan started her career in 2009 ,  Dubai, UAE  with Axis Exhibition, as a Tele caller , a company that providing  custom built stands and complete setups  at the World Trade Centers, Sharjah Expo and Abu Dhabi Exhibitions here in Dubai.


 In 2014 , Saba khan joined an IT firm in Dubai named Techmind Solutions LLC , in starting days she was working as a Tele caller , she had a lot of difficulty in understanding the technical things of IT because she was a commerce student, but as time passed, she got the position of  Business Development Manager .

In 2019, saba khan joined IT Firm,  Samvrudhhi Technology LLC, as in IT Sales Manager , Here she was handling a team of 10 to 15  people. They used to report her daily but everything changed after covid came, companies started doing cost cutting, etc and then she decided to go back to India .


In 2022 Saba khan came back from India to UAE and started working in an IT FIRM, Premier Star Technology as in IT Consultant.


A Muslim woman like Saba Khan, who represents India’s identity in Dubai, if all the women  of our country start doing the same for India’s dress, India’s culture, then India can be saved from losing its culture in the coming times. 

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