How horror movie icons are making their way into fall fashion every year

As we head into the fall season and start looking at our spooky favorites, we can start to notice similarities between today’s fashion and the historical movie characters who fabricated our spooky obsessions. Let’s take a look at some of the most inspiring and terrifying characters that have entered our latest fall fashion.

Casey Becker

From the 1996 classic scream, Drew Barrymore opens the film with an iconic phone call that leads to her gruesome death. Although she appears in the film only briefly, she manages to remind fashionistas of a practical yet elegant piece: the linen sweatshirt. Even covered in blood, Casey’s linen sweater exuded feminine simplicity and introduced a new must-have in our closets. Linen sweaters can be paired with jeans, skirts or even over a dress and can be worn in all different colors. Casey Becker pairs her Linen J. Crew sweater with purple Katherine Hamnet jeans. Either dressed up with lots of jewelry and heels or worn with jeans and mom sneakers, a linen sweater is perfect for fall. It’s a fall staple that helps you battle that fall breeze in style.

Emerald Haywood

Just like her namesake, the character Emerald from the hit movie not by Jordan Peele, gives the audience countless scenes involving the color green. Green, usually seen as a summer or spring color, has entered autumn fashion as it serves a “magical” look. Emerald, played by the wonderful Keke Palmer, wears thick green jackets, green pants and also includes green sportswear in her fashion.

Green goes best with black, yellow, dark/light, white and blue jeans. Green is also an endless shade, making it universal and a color that can go with almost anything if you have the right eye. We can start by buying a green sweater and pairing it with different outfits like jeans and a light T or over a floral dress. If you’re going for a magical look this fall, pair a green sweater with black striped pants, a white or black t-shirt, and chunky shoes like Doc Martens or Boots. Although most of us were distracted by Keke Palmer’s amazing performance in this scary movie, fashionistas noticed that she embraced a vibrant color that would soon make its way into fall fashion trends.

Wendy Torrance

From one of the greatest horror movie classics brilliance, Shelley Duval plays the helpless wife who is mentally tormented by her psychotic husband. While Shelley’s acting is absolutely phenomenal, we see her character’s costumes and are often distracted by their brilliance. Wendy’s fashion consists of lots of bright colors and tons of plaid. In one scene she is seen wearing a blue plaid dress, a pattern we’re seeing more and more of as we head into the fall season. She also introduced the audience to overalls.

Jumpsuits have been a staple in fall fashion. They can be paired with knit sweaters, hoodies and baby T-shirts.. Wendy shows the audience how to wear an overall dress as she pairs it with a turtleneck and a patterned shirt. She also incorporates leg warmers into her everyday style, another fall trend that’s practical for the weather but adds something chic to your look. Just as Wendy saves her son at the end of the film, she also saved the legacy of models and baggy pants in the fashion industry.

Horror movies are a big part of fall and getting into the Halloween spirit. We get fashion trends from the iconic characters that stand within these films. It’s incredible that audiences can be creatively inspired while watching these films. No matter what horror movie you watch, you’ll most likely see a character that resembles today’s fall trends. So, as we watch these spooky movies, be sure to pay attention to the characters’ outfits and see if you are influenced by the fashion! AND not pick up any suspicious calls…

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