How London Fashion Week will be affected by the Queen’s death

Perhaps taking a lesson from the ever-pragmatic queen, the council may have reached the most practical compromise possible: the show will go on, but activities and events will either be scaled back or rescheduled until September 20 (via The Industry). No events related to the show will take place on Monday, September 19 – the day of the Queen’s state funeral. An official period of mourning will last seven days after that. Therefore, the British Fashion Council has asked designers to stop publishing images of their collections until after the end of this period. Until then, it is also advised that “non-essential events”, such as holidays, be canceled out of respect for the much-loved monarch.

All things considered, including the fact that Anna Wintour mingled with the Queen in 2018, it’s fitting that Vogue was the one to announce that Burberry was bowing out of London Fashion Week “out of respect” for the Queen. Soon after, Belgian designer Raf Simons canceled what would have been his London Fashion Week debut, set for Friday, September 16. According to Vogue Business, Simons’ team said: “As the country enters an official period of mourning, we will pause during this time of great sadness.” It remains to be seen whether many others will bow down.

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