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I wrote earlier. The “holy trinity” of materials starters should have in their Serie B kit: note, deck and projection. These three key documents should do a great job of attracting attention and conveying information to the partnership with high fidelity.

Now, I want to highlight how founders can attach these materials to investors. Done well, these materials form the blueprint and backbone for an in-depth Series B due diligence process, along with various phone calls and presentations.

This design is important because someone can read every document in your database and you don’t want them to be lost. Instead, they want to make their job much easier. The next set of materials falls squarely under the “reduce work” objective. Keeping things simple increases the likelihood that the outcome will be in your favor.

Series B companies generally have total sales, detailed expense reports, forecasted factual records, patent filings, board presentations, and more. he said a lot of Information you should pass on because you have been above the seed level or a Serie A company for a long time.

The best offense is a strong due diligence questionnaire.

Don’t make your data section so complicated that investors can find a way out of the details to accept your argument.

As an investor, I’m shocked that I don’t see DDQ more often. Not to be confused with a legal DDQ, this DDQ is often a 60- to 80-page document divided into sections that answer questions that investors often ask.

Some questions will be straightforward. for example:

  • When and how was the company founded?
  • Please discuss the company’s vision and values.
  • How many employees does the company currently employ?
  • Please summarize the relevant knowledge and experience of the management team.

DDQ provides a good reference guide for simple questions like this. It should also include some preliminary questions that investors may want to ask, such as:

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