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Janeesha Ragubeer

Historically, spring is a busy time for small businesses, and it presents a time of year full of opportunities to harness the energy and positivity of the warmer months.

“This spring,” says Janesha Raghuber of MSME Financial Business Partners Ltd. to comply with covid-19 restrictions”

With this in mind, Raghuber shares five strategies to help small business owners ensure their businesses are positioned for success ahead of the busy season.

  1. Turn the spring narrative into your shopping cart

Spring is associated with renewal and restoration – a time of new beginnings. Incorporating the spring narrative into marketing efforts on social media, emails, and website and blog content can leverage these associations to drive new sales.

“Encourage your customers to embrace the new, spring back into their ranks, and spread the good vibes or spring into the new season by buying your product or service,” says Raghuber, “This can be accompanied by a one-time discount.” Or an additional incentive to drive repeat purchase.

  1. Use spring as a launch pad for a new product or service

A new season is the perfect time to launch a new product or service offering. Spring offers a way to get your marketing message across and start pushing sales on new items, so these products and services are well established in the market before the holidays.

“Remember that spring is the most competitive time of the year,” Raghuber says, “so, when you launch a new offering, refine your value proposition to focus on one or more of these key attributes: price, value and service.”

  1. Take advantage of outdoor markets and events

Increased sunlight and longer daylight hours are associated with positive emotions, making spring the best time of year to get back outside. This year in particular, the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions may encourage more customers to attend outdoor activities and networking events.

“Remember that at an outdoor event, your display or promotional space needs to stand out among the other vendors,” says Raghuber. “Conduct extensive market research to ensure that investing in aspects such as signage, tools and mobile interfaces will yield positive results.”

Because of their vast space, outdoor markets and events lend themselves to product demonstrations, sample giveaways, and experiential elements that give visitors a taste of what’s on offer.

“Use the buzz and activity of these types of events to talk face-to-face with customers, spark conversation, and add realism to your product or service,” Raghuber says.

  1. Build a content community

As more people get out and about in the spring and share their experiences on social media, a business owner can use this time of year to engage with an online audience and build a community around a product or service.

“You can do this by hosting contests, posting positive reviews, profiling your customers, and using small influencers to promote your giveaway,” Raghuber says. As we enter the final quarter of the year, the rise of “social commerce” gives SMEs the opportunity to use the power of social media to drive sales and get the word out about what you do.

  1. Collaborate with contemporary SMEs

Many small and medium enterprises rely on certain seasons to generate sales and drive profitability. For example, in the spring, items that cater to small businesses such as artificial ice cream, swimwear, outdoor gear, air conditioners, exercise equipment and clothing and travel accessories are in high demand.

“By partnering with other small businesses, you can take advantage of the amount of demand that can meet your offer. Collaborating in this way allows you to join forces and tap into another SME’s established audience, adding value and promoting something that’s fun and funny at the moment,” Ragubeer says.

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