How to make your new drink creation stand out from the crowd


Fluids provide more than 80% of daily water intake, and can be a source of calories and nutrients. However, with thousands of beverage options on the market, the average beverage manufacturer may find it more challenging to reach customers than other options in store refrigerators.

If you’re looking for a new type of drink but aren’t sure how to make it stand out from the crowd, you may want to take some of the following steps.

Creating a drink
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Create a point of difference

Make sure that the drink you plan to produce creates curiosity among customers. For example, some alcoholic beverage manufacturers started the bottled cocktail trend. They’ve taken a traditional bartender’s cocktail and turned it into a bottled drink with classic flavors like the Mojito, Cosmopolitan, and Pina Colada. No one had seen them when they first hit liquor store shelves, so many consumers were curious to see how they compared to the real thing.

You shouldn’t invent something that hasn’t been done before, but avoid reinventing the wheel. Try new flavors, packaging, technologies or marketing, and you may be surprised how well your new drink is received.

Identify your target market

The target market is the people you are trying to appeal to with your new drink. Failure to identify your target market can mean struggling to achieve expected sales numbers. Consider who you are trying to appeal to during your initial manufacturing and marketing planning. For example, if you have a new bottled coffee product, you might look at different marketing techniques to attract athletes to vitamin water.

Focus on packaging

A new customer may become loyal after trying your drink for the first time, but you have to encourage them to buy first. Fun and creative packaging can often be the most effective way to get that first sale.

Think about the type of customer you are trying to appeal to and design your packaging and labeling accordingly. For example, you can use bright and fun colors to appeal to kids, busy and elegant fonts to catch the eye of busy professionals, and clean designs for refreshing and healthy drinks that active people want to enjoy. Many beverage manufacturers also look at what their competition is doing to see what’s working, what’s not, and how they can do better.

Create interest on social media

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool if used properly. Some top beverage manufacturers have found success with new beverages simply by creating hype online before offering a new beverage in stores.

Build teaser content to get followers thinking about possible flavor combinations to release, and even consider running a contest to give people access to early releases. If marketing efforts begin before a product hits the shelves, consumers are more likely to want it and buy it when it finally arrives.

Sell ​​your special points

Very rarely do other businesses enter the market for products that they do not produce. Your product may be one of dozens for sale, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t stand out. Find your unique point and sell it.

For example, you can offer a sugar-free drink that is typically full of sugar or offers more vitamins and minerals than other related products. Incorporate these points into your marketing strategy, and you can stand out from your competition for all the right reasons.

Promote it at events

Social media and email marketing are often effective ways to share news of a new product. However, sometimes you can attract a wider audience by promoting at events.

If you have trade shows, music festivals, and other events coming up near you, see if you can host a PR event with contests, giveaways, and drinks. People from all walks of life attend such events, and if they see your product there for the first time, they may be more interested in buying it in-store later. Don’t forget to announce your attendance at these events on your social media platforms so that interested buyers can find you.

Many manufacturers struggle to capture the public’s attention with a new drink, snack, or other product they’ve created. While creating happiness takes some time, by taking the steps above, you can achieve success beyond expectations.


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