How to pay taxes online

If you are a salaried individual, your employer may have deducted the amount you have to pay from your compensation (in TDS). However, if you are self-employed or pay past due compensation (such as rent), the TDS deducted at source may not be sufficient to cover your personal liability. To determine how much, if any, you have to pay or to make sure you qualify for a discount, you need to record your expenses.

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What would you like to do with an internet-based personal assessment unit?

HDFC Bank is one of the banks that accept online annual fee payments. To pay your personal assessment online through your bank, you can use NetBanking or your Charge Card. You cannot use a charge card to settle payments.

If you don’t have a record with one of the designated banks, you can have a record with your colleague or friend to make a web-based payment. Be sure to set your deposit in the challan no matter what.

You can opt-out of the annual dues at any designated bank. Raise your challan, go to the nearest branch and make the payment.

Before starting a payment interaction, you must determine the amount of assessment you are willing to pay.

Instructions for paying taxes online are minimal

  • Click here to start recording your personal expense forms on the web.
  • On the next page, select challan number 280 from the list of challans
  • When registering as a person, select Personal Liability (other than Corporations)
  • Enter your Skillet Card, Assessment Year, Address, Email ID and Mobile no. Click Continue.
  • Make sure the name shown on the next page is yours
  • Select Self Assessment Payment by Expenses payable (assuming you are paying assessment on 31st July of the previous financial year)
  • If you have a netbanking account, select HDFC Bank
  • Click continue
  • You will be taken to the HDFC Bank NetBanking login page. Log in to NetBanking.
  • Fill in personal assessment totals and overpayments or deductibles, if applicable. Your full payment amount will naturally be determined.
  • Click Pay. You will get a Challan Identification Number (CIN). Save it. When you register your profit, you have to enter it in CIN. You can save CIN from your bank for up to 90 days.
  • To get you started, here are some of the important dates for filing your personal expense forms that you’ll want to remember. Click here to learn more.
  • That’s all. You’re done adjusting your payments.

Please note: After citizens urged the Bureau of Expenditure and the Financial Services, the government authority has extended the deadline for filing personal expenditure forms to the fifteenth march 2022. Use this addition a lot.



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