How to remote start chevy equinox

Chevy Remote Start is an important part of helping you save time and feel better when you get into the lodge – and learning how to use Chevy Remote Start is quick and easy! We need Noblesville and Westfield drivers like you to take advantage of every innovation their vehicles bring to the table, so we’ve put together a basic, clear guide with the information you need to know.

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Even if your vehicle is set up correctly, you’ll have the option of accessing Chevy Remote Start in two different ways: using your key fob, or using the MyChevrolet app on your cell phone. Penske Chevrolet covers both styles completely underneath.

Chevy Remote User Guide Start with your Vital Dandy

Assuming you are 200 feet away from your vehicle, you can use your Chevy key coxcomb to start your engine:

  1. Press the lock button on the critical coxcomb to access the vehicle.
  2. After pressing the lock, press and hold the remote start button for less than four seconds. (This key appears to be a public key.)
  3. If successful, your vehicle’s lights will turn on and the engine will start running.
  4. On the off chance that you don’t get into the vehicle within 15 minutes, your engine will naturally die down to moderate fuel consumption and waste.

The most effective way to use the remote start element of your Chevy app

Using the MyChevrolet app is relatively easy, and on properly equipped models, it can try and power start the vehicle from a striking distance of over 200 feet. Here’s how to use the remote start feature of the MyChevrolet app.

  1. Download the MyChevrolet app and register your vehicle, if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Open the app and press the Key Dandy button.
  3. This will take you to the Remote Key Dandy login. The items listed here will vary depending on how your model is configured, but standard capabilities include locking/unlocking, remote start, and remote horn/light activation.
    Click the Start Engine button at the drop-down menu and enter your PIN! (The button looks like a round bolt.)
  4. Your lights come on and your engine revs to life – you’re ready to hit the road in Indianapolis right now!

What vehicles does Chevy offer remote start?

Practically all Chevrolet vehicles offer remote engine start regardless of their trim level, whether it’s on-demand components or grids – and this has been around for a long time, so you can get remote start capabilities no matter what. Want to buy used.
If you’re looking for a vehicle with remote start capability, you can start by browsing our new vehicle inventory or using the vehicle locator management. Simply let us know what you need and let’s get to work!



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