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As festivals make their post-pandemic comeback this summer, so does the panic over what to wear. Like the term “smart-casual,” “holiday fashion” can appeal to even the most seasoned dresser. Battling on a field with the inevitable mud and an unpredictable combination of scorching sun, quickly followed by showers means that trying to look pulled together is no easy task.

But dressing for festivals doesn’t mean you have to deviate from your wardrobe basics, or give up your everyday style and personal taste. Although it’s tempting to go all in with concert clichés and festival staples, choose the pieces you’ll get longevity from instead. Festival fashion developed a reputation for being disposable, a self-contained fashion category focused on one-time wear that got fuzzed up, tagged on Instagram and then thrown away. A 2022 survey by online thrift shop thredUP found that 42 per cent of festival shoppers planned to buy new festival clothing, with almost one in three saying they buy festival clothing they will only wear once .

Instead, this season, smart, sustainable and stylish are the way to go. The lines of festival fashion are quickly blurring with regular weekend wear, with workwear pieces doing double duty and looking just as chic on the field as for brunch and beyond. First, take a look at the sophisticated, polished pieces you may already have in your wardrobe and add them to your weekend lineup. “It’s so tempting to rush out and buy something new; chances are you have something perfect to wear buried deep in your closet,” says sustainability advocate Jo Linehan. “Plus, festival gear is rarely something we pick up more than once, so stop by and decide exactly what look you want to style and shop your outfit first.”

Failing that, you can give your ensemble a sustainable slant by supporting eco-friendly designers including Feri Folk, Fresh Cuts and The Suss Edit. Favorite and thrift stores including Depop, Siopella and Thriftify, as well as your local thrift shop, will also be showcasing unique festival-ready jewellery. If you still can’t resist the allure of novelty, at least check out the pieces you’ll be wearing for years to come. “If you’re investing in a new festival look, try to think beyond the festival and ask yourself, will there be a life/purpose behind the event?” says personal shopper Orla Sheridan. “Too often festival looks are adding to the problem of fast fashion.”

Just because you’re being considerate with your purchases doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, whether it’s from your wardrobe, new or used, print, color and sequins are all encouraged. Combine a reliable wardrobe essential with a piece with added pizzazz. Contrasts, unexpected pairings and the right stylish twist are all recipes for a successful festival outfit.

Perhaps this twist is to combine a clean white T-shirt with a finished theme skirt, if the forecast allows, with a stable boot or chunky sandals. Try pairing a metallic midi with muddy wellies or a knit dress with an embellished jacket. Stylist Courtney Smith agrees: “I love it when people take something they’ve worn to a wedding, it might have a lot of sequins or tulle, but it’s super dressy and doesn’t have too much fabric in their wardrobe and they turn it on its head. and pair it with a pair of trainers or wellies, and they give that item a new lease of life.”

Regenerating and revamping unexpected festival wear is a specialty of Kate Moss style. Everything from a fitted waistcoat to skinny jeans, vinyl leggings to aviator jackets have been given the Moss skirt and festival seal of approval, proving you can make anything field-appropriate when you wear it with a big dose of confidence and satisfaction.

Another quick way to celebrate your outfit and give it a new look is with accessories. Layered gold chains, statement belts, cowboy boots, oversized shades and headwear will elevate the simplest of outfits. Searches for the festival’s top flower crowns on Pinterest are up 139.2 percent, according to, but for a unique look, check out Irish designer Margaret O’Connor’s sparkly wreaths, which can easily be re-worn for a special case.

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