In January, an average of 3,000 technology workers are being laid off per day

New Delhi: Around 3,000 tech workers are being laid off on an average day globally, including in India, as big tech companies like Microsoft and Google join the ongoing layoff season.

Amid the global recession and the threat of recession, the layoffs gained momentum.

So far, more than 65,000 workers have been laid off at 166 tech companies.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has announced plans to lay off 12,000 employees, or 6 percent of its workforce.

Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella said last week that the company “will make changes that will reduce our total workforce by 10,000 jobs by the end of Q3 (third quarter) of 2023.”

Amazon has announced that it will lay off 18,000 workers globally, including about 1,000 in India.

In the year More than 1,000 companies will lay off 154,336 workers in 2022, according to data from layoffs tracking site The 2022 mass tech layoffs continue into the new year, and Indian companies and startups are at the forefront of laying off workers.

Homegrown social media company ShareChat (Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd) has laid off 20 percent of its workforce amid uncertain market conditions, leaving more than 500 employees vulnerable.

IT giant Wipro has sacked more than 400 new employees for poor performance in internal assessment tests.

Online food delivery platform Swiggy has confirmed that it is laying off 380 employees as food delivery growth slows.

MediBuddy, an end-to-end digital healthcare platform in India, has cut 8 percent of its workforce of around 200 people across all departments as part of a restructuring exercise.

Companies like Ola (which laid off 200 employees) and voice automation startup also grabbed headlines this month with layoffs.

Domestic express grocery delivery provider Dunzo has cut about 3 percent of its workforce in cost-cutting measures.

In the year 2023 has started on a bad note for tech workers worldwide.

Cyber ​​security firm Sophos has laid off around 450 people globally, including in India – about 10 percent of its workforce – to strike the “right balance between growth and profitability”.

As many companies cut workforces to navigate an uncertain macroeconomic environment, LinkedIn is full of job search tips, support for laid-off friends and colleagues, and advice on how to navigate career obstacles.

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