India-born MIT scholar’s bold bid to become CEO of Twitter! SBF was seen “chilling” in the trade lounge after receiving a $250 million bailout

An intellectual asks for Elon Musk’s support in his bold bid to become CEO of Twitter! Read more technology news

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What’s new today: A Microsoft employee accidentally announced that the Notepad app in Windows 11 will receive tabs in the new version of Notepad.

Fast Track Insights: A winter storm in the US has slowed bitcoin mining hashrate. For US Bitcoin miners, the recent winter storm has created unique challenges.

Shiva Ayyadurai, a doctoral candidate at MIT and the “inventor of email,” tweeted about Elon Musk’s interest in running Twitter. Ayayadurai emphasized his credentials in his speech, saying he has founded seven highly successful high-tech software companies and holds four degrees from MIT. Additionally, he asked for details on how to apply for the Twitter CEO position. Ayyadurai’s tweet got a lot of attention, and many users commented in support of his candidature. While some have praised his achievements and abilities in the computing field, others have expressed doubts about Jack Dorsey’s chances of succeeding as CEO of Twitter.

It’s a Microsoft employee who unwittingly revealed that Windows 11 Notepad software will have sensitive features. According to US technology news site The Verge, the employee, a senior product manager at Microsoft, presented an image of a version of Notepad with tabs. “Notepad in Windows 11 now supports tabs!”, with a loud speaker emoji. he said. Microsoft’s internal caution appeared on the screenshot: “Do not take a confidential screenshot or discuss features.” This indicates that Microsoft’s Tabs feature is still undergoing initial internal testing.

According to the published hacker list, the data of 400 million Twitter users has been compromised. Check to see if your data has been compromised. The sample data includes email addresses, usernames, follower counts, creation dates, and in some cases, individual phone numbers. In one of Twitter’s biggest data breaches, the personal information of 400 million Twitter users was sold on the dark web. Elon Musk could face a breach of this magnitude following his criticism of Twitter’s policies and procedures. The latest hack, which affected more than 5.4 million users, is already being investigated by the DPC.

The disgraced former CEO of FTX was spotted by the crypto community in the business hall at JFK Airport. Before traveling to San Francisco, Banman-Fried was “hanging out” with his laptop and other possessions. Bankman-Fried was released on a record $250 million bail, which his parents covered. According to rumors, his parents are law professors at Oxford University. Therefore, the crypto community doubts the family’s ability to cover such a huge bailout. Those affected by the FTX collapse have been following the public eye recently.

From 230 EH/s to 156 EH/s, the hash rate used in bitcoin mining has decreased significantly. Due to the recent winter storm, US Bitcoin miners faced a unique challenge. Recent reports indicate that the winter storm in the US has seriously distracted Bitcoin miners amid ongoing nationwide power outages. From 230 EH/s to 156 EH/s, Bitcoin Channel’s hash rate has decreased. A significant part of the miners decided to stop working.

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