Involta partners with tech startup HacWare to expand enterprise cyber security awareness services

Agreement to provide AI powered solutions saving businesses up to 40%

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, August 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — participatedAn award-winning data center, hybrid IT and cloud outsourcing consulting firm announced today that it has partnered with Garr. HackWareAI-driven cybersecurity insights and a sophisticated SaaS (software-as-a-service) product combine risk data with user behavior to help lean IT teams combat today’s most advanced phishing attacks.

“Email phishing attacks are the number one source of security breaches today, accounting for over 90% of data breaches,” he says Tiffany RicksFounder and CEO of HacWare, Inc. “The average employee spends 1,500 hours a year using email, so they are at risk, and many of them are unaware of email security best practices. Partnering with Involta gives us the opportunity to help businesses improve their email security awareness and become their first line of defense against cyberattacks.” Empowerment.

HacWare’s Internal Threat Assessment provides real-time threat intelligence to reveal internal vulnerabilities. HacWare learns from intelligence to provide personalized phishing simulations and training. The phishing technology uses behavioral psychology best practices to improve cyber positioning, saving businesses up to 40% in labor costs.

“At Involta, we know the two most important things our customers can do to protect themselves from phishing attacks are awareness and education.” Comments Mark Cooley, Involta VP Security and Compliance. “It’s important to make your company’s employees aware of the prevalence and complexity of these attacks. Hackware’s security awareness technology combines open source information and data science to teach employees how to prevent fraud and save significant labor costs over traditional security training and awareness. An automated, easy-to-use platform for a robust security solution.” Ours is a perfect complement.

Ricks’ motivation comes from an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help people. She HacWare, Inc. She has led her to be widely recognized by leading publications such as The Wall Street Journal, DarkRead, TechCrunch, Forbes and the Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

“We are excited to partner with Tiffany and her team at HacWare to bring her expertise and innovative solutions to our customers and prospects,” he added. Jim Bu, President and CEO of Involta. “Not only is her product cutting-edge and essential in today’s security landscape, she is a true role model for the next generation of female leaders in our industry. As more women continue to enter the world of security and digital infrastructure, it’s important to partner with them to close the gender gap and help empower them.”

Involta’s commitment to supporting women in tech and encouraging girls to explore STEM fields is part of Girls, Inc. Pinellas County, FloridaThey recently introduced digital infrastructure as a potential career field.

To learn more about how Involta can improve a company’s security posture through strategic consulting, specialized products and segment-level managed services, visit www.

About Involta

Involta is an award-winning hybrid IT and cloud outsourcing consulting firm that coordinates digital transformation for the nation’s leading enterprises. Involta’s next mission is founded on partnership. The personalized approach differentiates their customers’ requirements while maintaining Involta’s brand promise, ultimately gaining the confidence to deliver superior infrastructure and services, operational excellence and people who deliver.

Involta combines strategic consulting with the unique ability to leverage proprietary data centers and infrastructure assets to support businesses’ critical security and reliability requirements. It has earned a number of designations, including a well-defined, rigorous process company for providing hybrid cloud, edge, consulting, and data center services. KLAS level and assessment Excellence in IT Outsourcing for Partial Healthcare. The company has been recognized on various CRNA lists and has been named one of the fastest growing companies in the Inc.5000 in the US for nine years in a row.

Involta gives customers the freedom to transform their technologies and focus on their core business. Visit to learn more about Involta or follow them LinkedIn, Twitter Or Facebook.

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About HacWare

HacWare is the future of cyber security training because we are addressing the root cause of data breaches…human error! HacWare makes it easy for security teams and security developers to deliver AI-powered cybersecurity user training solutions. This automated technology helps busy workforces stay informed about cyber threats and how to protect themselves from phishing attacks and Business Email Compromised (BEC) scams. HacWare uses cloud technology, AI supervised learning, natural language processing (NLP) and visual character recognition (OCR) to identify internal email hacking threats. It then automatically generates personalized phishing campaigns to alert employees. HacWare products have helped companies around the world combat advanced phishing attacks to reduce malware outbreaks by 60 percent. For more information about HacWare, visit

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