Isilumko Activate leads the way with an innovative integrated marketing strategy.

It is good and positive news that most of the restrictions have been lifted regarding public gatherings, social distancing and the wearing of face masks. Marketing of brands can now move forward with renewed purpose. We have seen the joy and enthusiasm of people who can once again attend large gatherings. These include full capacity rugby matches, conferences, seminars, events, and the ability to sample and interact with new products and brands.

The changing face of marketing is adapting to a new way of branding, where communication, engagement and experience bring your brand to life with meaningful insights. Marketing of brands in particular has evolved over the years and brand owners expect more for ROI. Consumers value their purchases in tough economic times.

“Social media platforms in South Africa now attract more than 25 million users, so we’ve embraced the integration of BTL and digital spaces. In the brand activation space, we’re seeing the return of face-to-face, personalized marketing,” said Bianca Brink, general manager of integrated marketing agency Isilumco. We are very excited. After more than two years of significant disruption, the experiential marketing space is slowly opening up, especially in the past few months. We are re-energized and welcome the opportunity to showcase our new and improved integrated marketing strategy. We provide the connection between brand owners and target consumers. .

Isilumko Activate leads the way with an innovative integrated marketing strategy.

Fortunately for the event-based marketing industry, the demand for products and services will never go away, Bianca added. South Africans have always been fans of sporting events, concerts and outdoor events. In-store activations have provided shoppers with a great customer experience in the past. Many consumers have longed for the aroma of the promoter when cooking a new delicacy. In-store promotions have always helped to engage the consumer and put your brand’s product in the customer’s hands. As an industry we are happy to see retailers open their doors to in-store promotions.

Event management is now more focused on providing superior service through new and innovative experiences. While event costs and options may vary, there is a definite shift towards more outsourcing solutions. From an in-store perspective, the re-introduction of brick-and-mortar store campaigns has been a huge boost for the active business.

Isilumko Activate leads the way with an innovative integrated marketing strategy.

Even with the relaxation of Covid rules, event-based service adaptations not only support health and safety obligations, but also provide opportunities to create unique branding points. Clever use of technology can help combine food and beverage services with genuine brand engagement through brand ambassadors. Branded events and experiences inspire your consumers to take action and engage directly with your brand and help create an emotional connection to your product, which provides huge lead generation benefits.

“We are a dynamic, high-energy, passionate and experienced team focused on building and sustaining strong long-term client partnerships, trust, care and continuous value contribution. We deeply understand our clients’ values ​​and culture with a strong focus on ROI. Added insights and driving impactful and imaginative solutions. We connect the brand with the consumer and ensure go-to-market campaign results,” says Bianca.

Isilumco’s national presence with wholly-owned offices in five major cities enables the team to deliver strong project management, continuous optimization and seamless execution, with connections, engagement and experience, along with meaningful insights – helping to bring yours. Brand to life.

The team at Isilumko Activate is excited for the future! Our portfolio of services includes brand activation. experiential marketing; traditional business solutions; Digital, USSD and loyalty programs, where our digital capabilities encompass the ability to understand information, devices, platforms and channels, creative design, print and manufacturing; media strategy and buying; Events, Expos and Roadshows; CSR Marketing; and conferences.

Contact your brand expert! Go to or email az.oc.okmulisi@etavitca or call 011 2672920 (Gauteng) or 021 461 3609 (Western Cape). And check out our company shower here.

Isilumko Activate leads the way with an innovative integrated marketing strategy.

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